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Packs of New York – This is an awesome multiplayer shooter with the open world. Available to you is a substantial city in which you can do whatever you need. You can play alone or with companions, take autos, take from the police, victimize banks, partake in races, work, purchase licenses and get paid for more paid work, purchase houses and autos, or experience missions.

Plot of missions:

You are a policeman, and one day, in the wake of pursuing another gatecrasher, you get into a shootout where your accomplice is injured. Subsequently, lawbreakers figure out how to leave, and your accomplice gets to the doctor’s facility. Your assignment is to get on the trail of culprits and place them in prison, yet this isn’t simple, in light of the fact that behind them is a genuine criminal association.


– 10 dialects ​​(English, Russian, Portugues, Español, العربية, Türk, Deutsch, Français, 日本語, 中國)

– An extensive city (Police station, jail, healing center, bank, port, discharge station, weapons shop, service stations, auto shop, general store, dashing track, building site)

– Multiplayer

– More than 30 characters

– More than 40 vehicles

– More than 120 houses

– More than 35 kinds of weapons

– 14 kinds of work (Police watch, fire, medicinal, jack of all trades, cargo forwarder, cab driver, and so on.)

– Story line

What’s more, substantially more.

Nguồn: https://spirtavert.com/

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