✅ Testing Speed Intel 540s SSD vs Samsung 850 Pro on LENOVO AIO 700


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***UPDATE***Today 2016.10.06 I have contacted Warranty Service to fix Intel Read/Write Speed. They will give conclusion about this problem in few days.
***UPDATE2***In a previous week (2016.11.15) I have received a replacement from Intel (impressive service level and speed btw), but my machines are not the lab, so SSD works almost the same. I will make a video soon.

Samsung 850 PRO (Model: MZ-7KE256) *vs* Intel 540s (Model: SSDSC2KW120H6)

Using tool: AS SSD Benchmark version 1.9.5986.35387

Machine: Both SSDs was tested using same Lenovo AIO 24ISH Ideacentre with i7 6700 3.4Ghz CPU and 12GB of DDR4 RAM memory.

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  1. I just purchased a 250gb evo 850. My Intel 540s 250gb using Samsungs Magician software beats it every time in all 4 tests it reports. Sort of disappointing being that I made the evo the boot. I'll retest after I fill the Intel up full of data. Maybe that's the factor.

    edit, ran 2 other benchmarks. Intel beats it every time.

  2. did you fix the problem? warranty service helps you? i was thinking to buy the intel540 120gb before saw this video


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