🇬🇧 Testing Chinese SATA 3.0 SSD – KingSpec P3-256GB


Here I test and torture one more cheap Chinese SATA 3.0 SSD – KingSpec P3-256GB.

Crystal Disk Info: 00:15, 03:01
Crystal Disk Mark benchmark results: 00:27, 03:50
AS SSD benchmark results: 00:46, 04:33
Torture with nonstop 5 TB write: 01:44
Comparison with Samsung Evo 860 2 TB, WeiJinTo, Fujitsu, KingDian: 05:24
Verdict: 06:54

WeiJinTo WS-256GB review:
Fujitsu F500s 256 GB review:
KingDian S370 256 GB review:

The SSD was bought from here:
My blog:

Nguồn: https://spirtavert.com/

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  1. I hope you'll do LVCards soon. So far – very usefull reviews. What worries me is the long term performance, which is more difficult to get , even buyers feedback % doesn't tell much about that. But so far – useful reviews ! thanks

  2. Have you done tests on the londisk one? i bought one and its really bad, geting about 300mbs R/W on Crystal Disk Mark and average 140Mbs transfer from another drive, im really disapointed with it.
    On another side also bought a Torosus one and this is very good, normal sata3 speeds and transfer rates (still testing both of them).
    Worst thing is i bought 2 Londisks 240GB to test on Raid 0 and it seem it will be crapy results aswell.

  3. if im using an nvme ssd from a reputable brand already, would you recommend a 1TB chinese sata ssd for something like archive, since i dont plan to rewrite that data in a long time…


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