5 Real Life Murders Caused by Online Video Games


Online gaming is a welcome escape from reality for millions of us. But things aren’t always fun and games, and for some the line between the real world and the virtual one, becomes blurred. Here are 5 murders that took place due to Online Gaming.

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  1. Someone needs to make a T-shirt that says “Video games don’t kill people, dumb asses kill people over video games.”

  2. tell me honestly, Lazy Masquerade, how many times did you have to record each of these stories until you could narrate it with a straight face? Don't lie…….

  3. I stopped playing video games, but enjoy watching the pros playing them! I just draw or model something related instead and imagine how awesome these characters would be if they were in the game lol

  4. I was just cutting some meat in the other room and this guy was trying to kill himself so I did CPR but accidentally used the knife for chest compressions and that's the story officer honest.

  5. I thought that you will talk about that brazilian boy that kill a younger one for a game names diablo, giving him a horrible death when the elder one started to chop off the legs of the younger one with an old knife and then rape the body D:

  6. A kid in Japan strangles an old lady and goes to a re education camp.

    A 16 year old in the US kills his parents and we send him to life in prison, only because he was just too young for us to kill.

    We do it right in the US.

  7. If people argue that mmo shit is just data and not important, then literally anything non social media should be considered useless and not worth anything too. Typing words out on a digital medium should be considered what it actually is, typing words. You can't be accused of verbally abusing someone if no verbal interaction took place. If someone steals something from someone that took either a lot of time and/or money to obtain, wether or not it's digital or not should not effect the situation. This double standard is fucking dumb as I could literally hack someone's game account and steal hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of in game items and it's not regarded as a crime in the way breaking into someone's house and stealing hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of stuff because it's only in the context of the game. So on the same line of thinking, anything that is written online that would be deemed a crime to actually say with your mouth flaps should be disregarded as because it's only in the context of virtual space, which isn't real, it too should be deemed irrelevant because nothing way actually "said" or "spoken" so you can't be convicted of hate "speech". So instead of making rediculous jumps in logic when it comes to online, try treating people who commit crimes online the same as people who commit crimes in real life and there wouldn't be a double standard because apparently, you can be guilty of hate speech without actually saying anything but not be guilty of stealing something you quite clearly have taken from somebody without their permission AKA stealing. Online conduct needs to be reformed otherwise dumb shit like this is gonna be just the beginning.

  8. Damn that sword theft was hard for me to side with the victim. I'm not saying he deserved to die but a few "strangers" would be beating his ass and robbing him once a week

  9. "HMM! Should I kill my parents and maybe be able to play my fav game for 10 hours bf being arrested and never be able to play again"
    "I will wait till Im old enough to move away and play as much as i want"
    Choices choices…

  10. The solution is……. games are just for relaxing, don't make a passion out of them just because the crowd thinks it is cool, for those who are young and have just started playing games, PLEASE, DO NOT PURCHASE VIRTUAL CURRENCY OR ITEMS IN THE GAMES, DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING IN THE GAMES. Money becomes a medium for the addiction of the virtual games to get into your actual life, I have seen people who have wasted so much time and money just hardcore gaming. Gaming, in itself is useless and does not yield any profit. Some people have told me that they do not have the resources in the actual world to accomplish their goals and hence, take the pleasure out of owning virtual cars, homes and things in these games. It makes them feel as if they have accomplished something huge while in reality, nothing has changed and they are still the same people, with nothing in their hands and are going through a messy life. They have just wasted That Precious Time that could have been used for working to achieve their dreams, of owning that exotic car, a big house, having a good life partner, becoming financially free,traveling different places, accomplishing your dreams and living a very very happy life that gaming could never have given. PLEASE, DO NOT WASTE YOUR PRECIOUS LIFETIME ON GAMING,
    my recommendation would be to game only 30 minutes a day on a small game and taking breaks between the weeks and maintaining a NO GAME TIME in the holidays of at least 12 hours. I hope this will be useful for you.

  11. I remember hanging out with my best friend at the time and her brother came upstairs, fuming. He was huge into RuneScape at the time and got something super rare. I think his friend borrowed it and “lost” it


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