ALIEN UFOs IN WAR THUNDER | (Earth Thunder 2019)

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ALIEN UFOs IN WAR THUNDER | (Earth Thunder 2019)

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31 thoughts on “ALIEN UFOs IN WAR THUNDER | (Earth Thunder 2019)

  1. I comeback here every so often to watch my favorite war thunder event. Nazis found their wünderweapon and mixed it with the sky doritoes

  2. Imagine the earth thunder vs space thunder vehicles on the space station…
    Humans vs aliens, that would be B E A U T I F U L

  3. What do you mean you can’t read &Ds&@*@;[£>€ it clearly says *$(@)#)bansaja<¥>£€> it don’t know how you can’t read that

  4. I would love for the there to be a game mode to take these Alien UFO like thing's out of the sky with my Jet's.

  5. Warthunder 2018 April fools : introduce Modern combat
    Warthunder 2018 Late : introduced 10.0 Modern tanks + Chopper.
    Warthunder 2019 April fools : introduce Future Alien Combat.
    Warthunder 2019 Late : Introducing 20.0 Future tanks, Space Ships, Alien Combat.
    Warthunder players : Fuck, no, please, no god, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  6. PhlyDaily, I've never played the game, but I've always wondered, does War Thunder have the "Rhm.-Borsig waffentrager" and if so, make a video of it using the 15cm cannon, if it has that upgrade option too?…

  7. The thing when you get big hole to your engine last words what you hear you got hole in your right wing

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