Alien Vs Predator: Boardgame [AJ's TableTime!]


Link to Game:
AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Angerbeard try out the Alien vs Predator The Hunt Begins Boardgame! The game has really beautiful mini’s, but how do the rules fair in two of Joe’s Favorite Franchises of all time? Joe gives some tough love to things he really cares about, what do you think of the game?

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  1. Thumbnail
    Alien:he took my chips ahoy cookies!!!
    Human:so you took my Sprite cranberry

  2. I would love to see an update about this game, like if they still playing and if they are consider tweak the balnce with house game rules, like up the armor of miren or give them 2 wounds.

    Plus i love to see Joe angry, basically what i love about this channel 🙂 <3

  3. Me: JUST PLAY THE GAME ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Other me: Rules… Boring
    Voice in my head: Shut up… Xeno's can use their acidic blood to go through doors…

  4. Sorry Joe, I love you and your gaming content, but u just don't enjoy these videos. I'm not trying to be entitled. I just want you to know that my one vote is for video game content. Ultimately you got to do whatever makes you happy.

  5. Predators are OP because you aren't supposed to use all 3. It's supposed to be 2, and one or two vocal mimicry tokens.

  6. @AngryJoeShow do you still play this game? Also have you tried out the second edition that came out they fixed quite a bit of things if you are willing to give it another go. Would like to see you guys play this game again.

  7. If anyone is still watching this somehow this doesn't really do it justice in terms of the problems with the infrastructure of the game. Version 2 comes out in a few days, costs less than the original, has better quality figurines, a better rulebook, brighter art on tiles to see what's happening, etc. Oh did I mention is has the same content AND IS CHEAPER. So if you're in college like me and need money, like the mechanics but thought this looked unpolished I would suggest taking another look at reviews after part 2 comes off pre-order.

  8. So I know I'm late to the party.
    But there was a MAJOR error in turn two.

    The predator used a card for Spear and killed the smart gunner. Fine.

    But then, the pred uses a AP to shoot. Keeping in mind that shooting is one AP, and that each action can only be done once. Further the pred uses a caster, being a plasma caster, that has a ROA of 3.

    The error is this. You all did three attacks period, against multiple targets. And that's incorrect.
    Unless special rules say otherwise, like the disc, a single weapon can only target a single other target regardless of how high it's ROA is.

    So in this case, the plasma caster has a ROA of 3.
    Thats three shots against ONE, and ONLY one, target.
    Not up to three different targets.
    At MOST, Marines should have been down two, not four.
    And who knows how that would have changed the game.

    Easy enough error.
    But in this case a MAJOR one.

  9. i don't understand how on the last turn between angerbeard and other joe, how OJ improving his close combat helped him, as the alien and predator weren't on the same tile which should have made close combat irrelevant

  10. nice play trough, my opinion for that game is, it feels exactly like AvP , Preds are superior hunters and with Aliens you have really try to swarm them, and with Marines you have to stick together at all costs, i mean it would make no sense if any marine could walk alone the hallways with ease, any rine or alien losesc1 on 1 against a Pred..Get sentry guns, or weyland commandos, get Predalien, alien Warriors or Queen, Crusher. it changes the way alot..try to get away from preds and let aliens do the dirty work, go for the aliens because they have no range attack. and something was played wrong, if you got out of sight from a model you can replace blips, because other models didnt see yours, it can be a huge advantage when you mixed models for example alien has a predalien or bigger. blips are cool because you dont know whats commin..


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