Animating in photoshop (for indie games) – Ikeda 8 frame run animation challenge.


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I needed a run cycle animation for the game that I’m working on (Ikeda the Scrap Hunter E.P.) and I wanted to share some techniques that I use to animate in photoshop. There is a more detailed breakdown of some frame animation tips in the Gumroad version of the video for this one.

Things I’ve worked on:
Overwatch (PC, PS4)
League of Legends (PC)
Diablo 3 (PC,PS4)
Hearthstone (Mobile, PC)
Burning Crusade (PC)
Wrath of the Lich King (PC)
Final Fight Streetwise (PS2)
He Man (GBA)
Terminator 3 (GBA)
CannonBallers (Mobile)
Twilight Monk
Nova Colony
Galaxy’s Edge
Millenium Actress
Goblins and Gnomes


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  1. Im suprised you did the color and the lineart at the same time for the animation, I mean it shows that you can pull it off with your incredible artistic skills. Normally you would do the lineart first, then the color in separate layers in case you had to do any fixes, so you can see the motion clear from the begining.

  2. What I'm interested in is how you were able to copy and paste the character's limbs and whatnot
    for each frame. That looks like a neat workflow for consistency.

  3. I like how you reference the Preston Blair book. Take a look at my stuff, I reference the book as well.

  4. Animation timing should be based on 24 frames per second for this type of project. But i mean who knows what the devs will do they will probably just run it as fast as they can like you said lol. For this stuff we time everything on 24s, i mean if you do doubles or quads its whatever but that level of control from the design teams perspective is so amazing. But all that said most people dont know anything about the last 100 years of animation research. sadddd but truuue. Great video overall tho thanks, learned a new thing or 2

  5. hi, i like to build games and right now, i'm learning unity engine 2D. i haven 0 experience in making games but do have experience in coding. i was able to find tutorials for making games but most tutorials focused on coding part. and right now, i dont have clear idea about making assets, playable characters for 2D games for unity. can you help me with this because i want to create my own assets. don't want to purchase it

  6. So glad I came across this. I personally want to become an indie app (game) developer, and I was especially curious how the game “Mutants: Genetic Gladiators” did their animation (since it looked hand drawn, and it’s something I would like to do for my game), yet I found nothing as to how they did the animation. So coming across this, I have a few questions that I hope you respond if you ever look back (or even anyone else who does this work that’s scrolling through the comment section; forgive the way I list this as I text this through my phone, and the app won’t let me properly list or break paragraphs): 1- Could I, quite literally, hand draw the animation sprites on paper and somehow scan that into an animation? 2- Does the same apply to background art? 3- Where do you suggest I learn to build an app game, code, and such? 4- What software is recommended? 5- Is there a way I could incorporate an animation gif inbetween character action sequences? Like character A attacks character B, but an animation sequence occurs inbetween that, and returns to gameplay (or even in the back ground of that)? Forgive me for sounding completely noobish in this sort of thing. I would like to get my feet wet in this sort of thing whenever I can, but I would love to hear it from someone of experience. I hope you reply sometime & for anyone who scrolls & finds this comment if they too are in the same or similar field. God bless.

  7. what size do you typically make your character sprites? I'm having a bit of trouble deciding what size to make my character sprites so they still look good while animating, but aren't huge either.

  8. Why most Indie games have trash graphics?
    Because good quality videos like these are in page 2 of YouTube.

  9. I got a trick for you to increase frame rate without having to draw every frame. Just do it as you did. But then I got a program you can use where it makes interframes between. So that would make the animation look smoother without having to actually draw it

  10. I am curious If I put my foot in your track how much do you make monthly from this business? sorry but lately I have lost my passion about working in this industry

  11. you could have name that reference you copied run motion from.
    I think its from book "animator survivor kit" reply if i am wrong

  12. Like for your magic voice in the end of the video! It was really fun lesson. I saw a lot of videos in Russian and there were no information, but you tell it so simple and interesting. Thanks you a lot!!!

  13. Wow. I've been watching tutorials on After Effects for animating characters but I'm more on Photoshop & Illustrator so this is very useful.

  14. Not the most detailed animation tutorial but that was pretty cool, how ya showed us a functional use of your animation. Edit: They need to fix that issue with the timeline. I found out pretty quick how you kept selecting multiple layers in a frame. It's very annoying, I can't seem to select another frame, without the layers that I had selected from the previous frame, getting activated in that frame.. Only way that I've found to do it so far is to play the timeline until it gets to the frame that I want to edit, then stop it on that frame; it's not ideal though.

  15. I graduated in 2010. That animation book, is the ONLY thing besides my degree that I kept from college Lol.


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