Arcade Games – Hidden Gems for MAME


Here are 10 arcade games that are hidden gems, relatively unknown and super fun to play! Perfect for your MAME machine!
Boogie Wings
Monster Farm Jump
Violent Storm
Muchi Muchi Pork!
Prop Cycle
Susume! Mile Smile
G-Stream G2020
Fast Lane

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  1. Cute um up . Yeah right more like a game for sickos who like half naked underage looking girl's with big tits. Not impressed .

  2. If any fighting game lover sees this comment I just want to say that there's a fighting game gem called Aggressors of Dark Kombat on Neo Geo. That is my favourite fighting game of all time. You guys should check that out

  3. One thing the Hidden Gems are great for is finding some new and fun to play, Just fired up Fast Lane on my Mame Cab and what a cool game! Love it thanks Jason!

  4. Fast lane looks a lot of fun. Not sure if you're into sports games but Squash is one of my hidden gems. Not even sure if it was released in the US. I don't think you guys play much Squash

  5. A really cool hidden gem is Mazen: Flash of the Blade (Naomi). It's basically an onrail shooter but with a sword. At this point i know Mame is unable to load it but Demul seems to be able to. I haven't emulated it yet and i don't know if it will work properly, but I've seen a video of someone playing it on Demul, so i guess it has to work somehow.

  6. personally love MAME as Im 30 and never got to experience the arcade in its prime or go to a venue just for arcade games not like playing street fighter while you wait for a pizza. Only complaint is how retroarch has so many cores and theres so much trial and error to get the roms to play properly and without stuttering, if you pick the wrong core youll issues for certain games. Will be looking into Launchbox for sure, keep on keeping on, and love your channel.

  7. I have been looking for years the Boogie Wings game. I played it on arcade in the 90's but never remembered the name of the game to download it.
    After a lot of time searching all around the internet for the name of the game, today i arrive to your video and casually here it is: Boogie Wings.

    You made me happy today. Thank you, you won a new subscriber.

  8. Aver si alguien me puede a ayudar, estoy buscando un juego de family game/famicom famili era de un velerito q iba disparando y matando naves, y robots, cada tanto te dropeaban partes y las agarrabas y te ibas volviendo un velero robot humanoide y cada vez disparabas mas

  9. Monster Farm Jump is part of a series called Monster Rancher. It's a game series where you raise your monster to fight in tournaments. This particular game was released in the US on the PS1 under the name Monster Rancher Hop-a-Bout. And that thing you're controlling is called a Suezo.

  10. MAME is very hard to find the BIOS and other files that go with it. Man Metal Jesus your one lucky dude. I have been searching for over 6 years, and I have about 1000 MAME games now.

  11. 14:13 subliminal message. you think you're clever? i assume you're a big druggie so you're using it as irony? reported!

  12. MJR I built a custom joystick (1 person only) but after watching your MAME vids I want to build my own cab with dedicated pc. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. Introducing most addictive, time killer game – Bricks Breaker Plus
    (1 Million+ Downloads)

  14. These are exactly the kind of games I LOVE to play. I will definitely check these out. Thank you Metal Jesus for sharing!!!

  15. Susume! Mile Smile is also known as Go Go! Mile Smile for those having problems finding it and doesn't Fast Lane look like an updated version of Dodge 'Em for Atari 2600/VCS.


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