AvP Aliens v Predator Battle Report


AvP Aliens v Predator Unleashed Battle Report. Colonial Marines have been called in to investigate a mining colony that has fallen out of contact. The drop goes to plan and the marines disembark in textbook formation. But, what’s that clicking sound?

Join Lord Burton and Uncertain Craig as they try to secure the complex. One is here for the hunt. The other, does not yet know they are prey. Can the Marines activate the comms unit in time to call in help?

Prodos Games

Uncertain Scenary

Mantic Games

Sound fx and music by kind permission of

Nguồn: https://spirtavert.com/

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  1. are the underground portions still practical for gaming? if so that would be amazing; real immersive xeno combat. so damn cool.

  2. Thank you for presenting a really enjoyable & FUN tabletop skirmish, that was engaging to watch & greatly enhanced by your witty and informative narrative style, sound effects & music… 😂 What an awesome tabletop setting too… creating the perfect cinematic mood & theme for the equally impressive Marine & Predator painted miniatures. 👍 I just bought the boxed 2nd Edition game, plus “Hot Landing Zone” expansion & a ton of extra minis. Can’t wait to play the tile based game first & try out “Unleashed” in due course… You have earned my SUBSCRIPTION. 👏😊

  3. Nice battle report and great to see some gameplay of these skirmish rules, and of course the mini's and terrain were just fantastic! I hope you guys keep it up and can't wait to see more, hopefully with some aliens in the future. All three factions in a big battle would be great, as well as the classic alien vs. marine, maybe a last-stand scenario or raid on a hive in there? I'm not sure if the skirmish rules cover scenarios like that. Anyway keep up the great work.

  4. The “board” is bad ass, AVP the hunt begins is also badass, but I always had a small interest in the war game. Most definitely will be playing the wargame now!

  5. Nice battle report. There is way too less AVP miniature games' action around YouTube, so thanks for making this video. Hoping for more of that.

  6. Cool vid! Great game! 🙂

    By the way, where does the minigun come from?
    Desperately trying to find some to build a Heavy Support Squad for my Marines.


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