Banshee Game Engine Preview


This is a preview of the under development Banshee engine. It’s a 2d/3d game engine, open source written in modern C++ but supporting C# scripting. It comes with a powerful editor with support for importing shaders, models, animations, textures and more. It uses a component based approach and scripts are attached as components.

This video gives a quick overview and demonstration of the engine in action.

For a text based version click this link:

To download Banshee, go here:


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  1. Basically it's another Unity. The only 2 game libs I saw you feature where you type in actual code in C++ and have multiplatform support are raylib and agk.

  2. Hey there, just wanted to ask if you have any plans to make SFML Putting it all Together or the project's stopped?

  3. thank you for doing this. i downloaded it and think it has brilliant potential for a single man project. but it has a ways to go. thanks for all the great game dev info you share.

  4. thanks for the preview video about banshee engine, that i eye checking his improvements for close future start using. and there no link for text version of this video.

  5. Thanks for the video (author here). I'm sure it wasn't easy making it with all the buginess!

    v0.3 definitely isn't production ready, it's just a preview of the functionality. I'm focusing on getting all the major features implemented, and not much on polish at the moment, which is why there are all these (for the most part) little bugs and polish issues. You can expect a much more solid experience when v1.0 is released next year.

  6. looks pretty good .. but new engines means learning from scratch again and searching for tutorials "which is few in that case bro " … but i think it will be awesome one got something special !!

  7. looks like a good Unity replacement if your just targeting Windows.

    I cant bring myself to like Unity, not sure if its the amount of crap ive seen made with that engine, or that I like using OSS.

    bit of both I think.


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