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Frenzy review.
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Classic Game Room reviews FRENZY arcade machine from Stern released in 1982, the spiritual sequel to Berzerk. Frenzy is an awesome videogame, Frenzy is a great arcade game, Frenzy is in CODE OF SILENCE next to Chuck Norris!!! Frenzy is similar to Berzerk but requires different strategies. The walls won’t kill you this time around, in fact you can shoot through them. So can enemies. Attempt to shoot robots as quickly as possible before Evil Otto hops on screen and ends your life. Frenzy is amazing!!


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  1. Got Frenzy loaded onto my Super Retrocade now and it's a blast! So much fun playing all the classic games again. And with a JOYSTICK controller too. Keep the classic games coming, Semper Fi.

  2. Hey m8 , found this game on my multi arcade it's actually fun except for that smile face coming at you , just did a video on my channel , like your chuck noris spin off great video man

  3. I remember Fun Zone in Balboa had a whole row of Berzerk machines back in 1980 but I don't ever remember even seeing a Frenzy machine anywhere. Looks like pretty cool game. Thanks for the video and Semper Fi!

  4. Atari Battlezone was in 3 movies that I know of, Running Scared, Tron, and The Philadelphia Experiment (where it gets blown up!, haha)

  5. Berzerk was one of my favorite Atari 2600 games, and this is the first time I've seen this! Why THE FUCK didn't they put this on the 2600???? That shit looks awesome, and even if it had to take some minor hits, this could have been a great Atari game. I hope I come across one someday.

  6. This was a very professional and well-done review of the game, but I will differ that you cannot play these game for a really long time once you get a routine down. I was able to get over 150K (respectable) on numerous occasions, and got tired of the game.

    I was 16 when it first came out, and I was shocked when people did not take to it like Berzerk – because this game had so much more to it, and the fact that you could plunk Evil Otto once or twice under the right circumstances was REALLY cool. I never took to Berzerk quite as much, but I have always been a contrarian.

  7. There was a great old Mad Magazine spread about a fictional Video Game Olympics and the USA athlete for FRENZY looked like he was zonked on meth. Unforgettable image…

  8. I just started playing Frenzy on emu, I used to have a bartop with Berzerk and I love both so far. What does the Tesla coil and big yellow face in those rooms do, anything?

  9. I've hated Chuck Norris ever since I heard he was friends with Justin Bieber, so that fact means nothing to me.

  10. Cool this was released on my birthday! In 2011 on my birthday, I went to the Boardwalk Arcade and played a bunch of classic arcade games!

  11. The shots sound VERY similar to the shots from blasters in the Star Wars original trilogy. Maybe the sound effects in the movie were made using a similar synth or sound chip as the one in this machine.

  12. Agreed, Mark; Frenzy was – IMO – a very underrated arcade game. The cabinet design was very misleading, and didn't grab your attention as easily as many other arcade games at the time. But this was one sequel that really did it for me; the gameplay was more in-depth, and the levels offered much more variety than Berzerk did.

  13. Well, you know i´ve actually grown to like these FIRST comments.
    They seem to make everybody mad for no apparent reason XD


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