Corsair MP510 NVMe SSD – The New Speed King?


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Corsair MP510 SSD

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  1. Hi, my one does not give me the same numbers, for example in the first test I get close to 1000MB, do you know why? I have 250GB left and they are TRIMMED. No temp issues. AMD Ryzen 3700X on a Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite board with BIOS updated for the board and the hard drive.

  2. is that this m.2 is compatible with intel 650 .for corsair m.2 480 gb do you ha driver . samsung have but not corsair

  3. just ordered the 510 2 terabyte , so appreciate the review, they are a lot cheaper now. like the format and delivery kudos mate.

  4. Hi, I just want to ask you about heat spreader for this disk. Will the heat spreader do something if there’s a sticker of Corsair?

  5. Your chair makes you look like you are a hunchback. Also. Seems that your head seems separated from your body.

    Otherwise im buying this same corsair m.2

  6. I've read a comment on Amazon where apparently a buyer of the MP510 480Gb had problems with very high thermal temps causing the M.2 to fail just after 6 months of use, and then he said it took Corsair a full month to get him a replacement sent out, that's not good customer service care at all, I had a failed Toshiba RD400 NVMe die on me and I had the replacement in my hands within 3 days of claiming RMA.


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