Crucial MX300 750GB SSD Review – Marvel the Marvell Controller


I recently got Crucial’s MX300 750GB model in for review and when testing it and also examining it, I was pleased to see that not only did it contain my favourite controller onboard but that said controller (of course Marvel), performed very well in the benchmarks.

The interesting thing about this drive is it uses a combination of SLC based memory for caching, (i.e. the part that will get worked the most) and TLC 3d nand based for the mass storage option, this in turn helps bring down the cost of the drive, but at the same time giving the end user a very balanced and still consistent work horse for whatever applications they need it for.
Also when I talk about gaming I am referring to of course loading levels and the initial game itself and getting consistently fast loads, which shouldn’t affect the majority of games / gamers, but it can still make for turning a decent experience into an amazing one (think MMO’s and games with at times large loads – GTA 5 for example).

You can get the Crucial SSD here:
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  1. Just a tip to anyone buying a Crucial SSD: Do NOT enable 'Momentum Cache' in the software that you can install with the SSD. It adds massive CPU lag spikes, causing the sound to drop out every now and then. I looked forever for what the issue was, including trying countless drivers for other devices. But nope, it was the 'Momentum Cache'. Aside from that, the SSD is amazing value. Anyway, you've been warned. By all means try it if you want, but if you get sound issues then just remember what I said, and turn that option off.

  2. I bought one at Xmas, it's now dead. Not writing past 14Gb.
    Crucial site want a material number that IS ONLY ON THE BOX. And can I find the box?

  3. I shoot on 2 x 256 gb CFast cards on my camera and I bought the this ssd at 525gb, so I can dump the files onto the ssd and edit off of it. I bought an inatek casing to work off of it and also, I have a Mac Pro 2010 that i plan to just plug it into when im home. Is this crucial going to be effective for 1080/4k editing? I've done some work off of my current sandisk 480gb ssd and it does a decent job. although after im done producing the video, exporting the video takes nearly 8-10 times longer than usual.

  4. i take it no matter what upgrade i perform the graphics are just not going to let me get really far. GT 330 @ 256 MB just wont cut it, im going to need a new machine. thanks for hyping up this drive, its not that great

  5. threw one of these in my mid 2010 macbook pro along with 8gb or ram and absolutely no improvement on performance whatsoever in Dolphin emulator. it at best has sped up my basic system operations but was not the solution for gaming

  6. +TechYesCity how did you get that font for windows 10 the words look different? if you reply thanks man

  7. Brian you need to try AnvilBenchmark one of best for testing SSD's and well ram disks or hardrives for performance very thorough testing procedure and gives much better real world test results.

  8. I've been using the Crucial MX100 (512GB) for over a year. I think that it is great bang for the buck.

    Is it the fastest SSD out there? No, but for the price it performs very well.

    I'll look into getting this SSD really soon


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