Crucial MX500 Vs. Samsung 860 Evo – The Best 2.5" Sata SSD of 2018 is…?


What’s the best 2.5 Sata 3 SSD can buy in 2018? Well today I take a look at the two heavy weights in terms of value for money and also quality, these are the Crucial MX500 1TB and also the 860 EVO 1TB from Samsung. And the results were quite suprising ^^.

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  1. Thanks for guiding me to buy SSD for my laptop, I was confused whether to buy Crucial MX500 but now I am pretty clear that I will go for MX500 as it is "cheaper" in India too by AUD 30 (INR 1550) as compared to Samsung EVO 860. Also, the performance of both of them are nearly the same.
    Thanks again! Cheers!

  2. Thank you for your right to the point review. I greatly appreciate you going to detail of comparisons with the knowledge of benchmarks and without wasting people's time trying to find out the differences.

  3. Great review, has really made the choice harder as I wanted to believe the supremacy of Samsung. However when you mentioned the magician software and the fact I will be pairing it with a NVMe 970 plus in my rig I think Samsung won out. The optimisation options and ability to drill down has been useful on high end graphics processing

  4. Just got mx500, looked all day for measurements on what the HDD Bay would hold in my laptop, and crucial came through with the information I needed so I ordered a 2TB on the spot, and going by your results it seems it was a good buy.

  5. I installed an SSD for the first time. It was in an old work computer, an Acer X480G. I used Samsung 860 Evo. Unfortunately the Samsung Data Migration software didn't create a successful bootable drive. Ultimately I needed to use Clonezilla bootable usb to do the clone.

  6. I've considered several SSDs for upgrading an older lappy (DELL 5420 with i3-2330m 2×2,20 Ghz) incl. Western Digital Blue and Samsung 860 EVO. In the end I opted for MX500 500GB (these days I never go for less since I like to think that the more DRAM buffer is onboard the better SSD operates). The difference compared to 250GB 5400 rpm HDD should be noticeable, esp. counting the fact that the CPU is G2 socket and can be easily swapped for a i7-2640M 2×2,8 Ghz with more L3 cache and Turbo Boost.
    Now waiting for the MX500 to arrive in the mail ))

  7. No real difference? Phew; my SSD didn't 'lose' 😂 Chose it as apparently the 2tb SSD has the edge with longevity, & £60 cheaper. If you clone with Acronis but get only ye evil blue screen of death, & have tried the obvious solutions, try 'Rescue Media Builder' in Acronis; finally did the trick after days of trouble-shoot dead-ends, & much swearing 🙄

  8. the temperatur is bullcrap I have both in my system, Samsung 860 500GB running my WIndows and Crucual MX500 2TB running my games and etc. Both underload the Crucial always 10-15°celcius hotter than samsung.

  9. 38 celcius on mx500 is a f bullshoit, i bought today one, i have 50 celcius doing only copy from another ssd, disk is outside PC and my room temp r about 23 BX series from Crucial is a fucking nightmare in terms of temps, i hit easy 75-80 Celcius doing only copy or insrtal the game, so no, temps 38 is a bullshit

  10. For cloning, I simply remove the old source drive and clone it to the new SSD within a desktop using Macrium….(no issues of cloning within an active Windows installation)

  11. The 300 tb lifespan for the MX 500 and the 600 tb lifespan for evo is for the 500 gb models if i'm right. While the MX500 1tb and the sansung 1tb EVO are double that lifespan.


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