Dark Parables 11 The Swan Princess and the Dire Tree Full Game Movie Walkthrough No Commentary


Welcome to Dire Kingdom in Ireland Detective and Players, you are called to the kingdom to investigate a series of cracks that are related to the disappearance of the Magic Seed that revives Flora the goddess who keeps nature at balance, Elise The Swan Princess told you that Odile The Black Swan stole the seed, but when you got the seed back, Elise used a magic sword to defeat Flora and become the new goddess, Odile explained that she and Prince Ross Red want to save Flora but failed, luckily they will help you save Flora along with the brave little tailor. This walkthrough will help you find out the truth of the Dire Kingdom in the Dire Tree, help Odile become the true snow princess and defeat Elise from becoming the goddess of nature’s fury. Good Luck Players and Detective!

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