G3D Innovation Engine — The Single Coolest Game Engine I'd Never Heard Of!


The G3D Innovation Engine is an open source C++ 3D game engine with a staggering amount of functionality, while also being incredibly education friendly. There is even a book that goes hand in hand with the engine for teaching advanced graphics programming. Whether you are looking for a low level cross platform (Mac, Windows, Linux) 3D framework, a full blown (minus physics) game engine, or just for sample code to learn 3D graphics programming, G3D may be the perfect choice for you.

You can learn more at:

The companion to this engine is available at:

The creator/maintainer of the engine is:

Nguồn: https://spirtavert.com/

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://spirtavert.com/game/


  1. I hope game project to add same way to export and import you project in the future like like 3Dmodel and images files.

    For example if have mack 1 project in unity and want to Transfer this work in the order to works in unreal engine for example is omos impasable yes I can transfer my model and my texture if want but all the code the material… And To meny other stuff the need to recreate for scratch if add same way to exports the project for different engines I will be amzing I hope to add that option in the future

  2. Any tutorial to run setup correctly I am not able to run it despite many attempt, there is lot of files, not able to run any example. It's installation file never work.

  3. Great video! It's worth noting that a lot of the assets are not free for commercial use. Be careful using any of the provided assets in a game you intend to sell.

    Also, the "book" is crap, don't buy it (unless you're a professor teaching a 3D graphics course and need starter notes). It's just a bunch of random half-ass lecture notes and it's not refundable. Not worth $10. There are far better references available for free (e.g. https://learnopengl.com ).

  4. It has been around for a long, long time. NVidia distributed some technique samples to developers based on this engine back in the day. I think when i first downloaded it on my back then super modern Pentium 4 2.8E with Gainward GeForce 6600 GT, it started bogging down after 2000 drawables if memory serves, so seems like high per-drawcall overhead. Back then it was solely an OpenGL wrapper and OpenGL back then already fared markedly better than Direct3D performance wise on NVidia in this regard. But it is very composable so that's a bonus, very suited for educational and experimental use, you can just hack stuff in easily.

    Wasn't really aware of the accompanying online book though, could come in handy.

  5. Thanks Mike for another great review. I don't know how I missed this one either, it looks fantastic. I'll definitely be taking an up close and personal look.

  6. Too bad indie game is on life support, thank to juvenile wannabe devs with their crappy games! Not only movies are going down the shitter games are following right behind! I wonder where the world is going…

  7. This has been a big secret for years :). I believe its been used in commercial products, but its permissive licence allows developers to do whatever they want, and not tell anyone.

    I used the code, its extremely robust, pro software engineering!

  8. As an owner of the Graphics Codex I don't think it's fair to call it a companion to the engine. It's more of a reference handbook for computer graphics in general. With that said, it is very good and I recommend it!

  9. Pretty cool, this may be old news to you but check out Unigine too.
    hell of an engine for large scale areas, high polygon and high environmental realism.

  10. Interesting, but does it support:-

    Proper multi core/threaded optmisations (Unity seems to be single and UE4 is duel core)

    OpenGL 4.5+OpenAL + SDL2 support

    Vulkan support

    Steam API intergration

  11. This engine is pretty mature, probably more than 15 years old. I tried to use it a few times, years ago but found it difficult to use, you have to know what you are doing or get lost very very early. I remember one student project that used this project for a cart-racing game with beetles, it was pretty bad unfortunately. After trying almost everything I started to write my own 3D engine 16 years ago.


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