Garfield: Caught in the Act (Genesis) – Full Playthrough


(Stage List)
[1:08] Stage 1: Count Slobula’s Castle
[6:56] Stage 2: Revenge Of Orangebeard
[12:41] Stage 3: Cave Cat 3,000,000 BC
[20:37] Stage 4: Catsablanca
[24:48] Stage 5: The Curse Of Cleofatra
[32:00] Stage 6: Season Finale
[35:09] Ending

Classic game on the Genesis and is perhaps one of the easy games… even if on the Normal Difficultly…. however… Cave Cat 3,000,000 B.C. sometimes has a nasty glitch during the Boss which forces a reset and for all the times that happened to me on the actual console… *I already have a video of the glitch uploaded if you want to know what happens. It should be in the video responses.*

Normal Mode just removes the Orange Hint Hands, I haven’t noticed any changes besides that.

If you might notice… some Mallet Bonus Stages are cut from the video, this means that I failed them during the playthrough, however the only prize you get for clearing them is a Continue if you spell out GARFIELD. *And why show that 5 times in a row? Only 2 are shown anyway.* At least I show where the Mallet Keys are, I think most of them anyway.

This game sure suffers quite a bit of sound effect issues in some places…


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  1. I played the PC version many many years ago, but if I remember correctly, the stages were in a more chronological order. First was the Prehistoric level, then the Ancient Egypian one.

  2. Opening cutscene, in 1 of the panels Odie's ears aren't colored in brown. They're the same color as his body.

  3. This was recommended to me but this video is neither popular or has garfield meme comments, and i dont watch those memes… huh… great looking game though!

  4. Person: what part of castlevania do you like?
    Me: the part where Garfield entered count slobula's castle

  5. loved this game as a kid, was so excited when i made it to the final boss and beat him. felt so rewarding to me when i was little to beat this game after getting so many game overs.

  6. I remember being a kid and getting to this part only to find a glitched stage where there was no oddie or stones falling down…had to shut down the console and never played it again

  7. I used to play this! I had this disk with some Sonic game (can't remember which one) and also this game. Until now, it had completely left my memories. Maybe because I never played much of it because I SUCKED at it.

  8. I miss playing adventure games like this, new generation consoles brought so much violences in video games, it 's like the way this world is goind it's also reflecting in video games.

  9. 15:02 The music in this level gives me the goosebumps. This game has some really good GEMS music, but this song in particular is probably the stand-out tune, though Catsablanca's theme is very good too.


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