Gigabyte M.2 SSD PCIe NVMe Review and speed tests


Today we take a look to se how the Gigabyte M.2 SSD Performs, GP-GSM2NE8256GNTD to see if it can hold its own against other or if its just re-branded trash.

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Host: Philip Griffiths
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  1. Please Don't Forget To Subscribe To Our Channel For All Your Reviews and Business Advice, The More Subs We Have The More Content We Can Do

  2. the description of video is wrong .. the m.2 is not nvme , it M.2ssd with 600Gbps , Nvme drives are b connector not M connecter

  3. This is not newer gigabyte pcie 3×4 nvme m2 ssd its 3×2 ..look…ssd has two openings vs nvme along with pcie 3.0….latest ones 2020 are pcie 4.0.

  4. Does the SSD Tool allow a Firmware Update and Is drive encryption supported?
    It would have been really good to know which controller is used as there is absolutely no information available.
    I'm really interested in buying the 1TB version, which seems to have 4 lanes of PCIe 3.0 but I still have doubts.

  5. Hey, why can't you produce a video without this irritating, high-volume background music, which suddenly pops up while one peacefully watching the video? This is quite irritating and objectionable. I hate all such video-makers who choose to blare such high-volume background music when the viewer least expects it. I hate it.

  6. I find it very hard on Gigabytes site to see what type of NAND they use, they only list NAND not SLC, MLC TLC or QLC. I belive there 1Tb (non-Aorus) SSD is V-Nand (ie TLC or 3D), Its of intrest as at the time I am writing there V-Nand 1TB NVMe drive is £99 vs Intels QLC 1TB NVMe QLC drive at £89, the upgrade from the Intel for £10 seems worth it. IMO

  7. i get this ssd but my speed test not pass above 800 mb/s sequential reed speed….i use na gigabyte h310 m m.2 f11bios version(the lastest is f12) why my speed read is capped? thanks!


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