Gigabyte SSD vs Kingston SSD (A400)


Gigbayte ssd (480gb) vs kingston a400 – Budget solid state disk comparison, Performance review. 1440p resolution.

WIndows 10 boot time
crystal disk benchmark
as ssd benchmark
loading time – 5 games
fps/stutter test
video rendering project open time
file copy – read/write/extract tests

Hardware details

New AMD 19.12.3 driver used , room temp – 28 deg , 1440p

CPU – core i7 9700k stock
GPU – Gigabyte vega 64 gaming oc 8g
CPU Cooler – Cooler master lite 120 aio
Motherboard – Gigabyte z370 hd3p
RAM – Crucial ballistix sport 3000mhz cl14 2x8GB DDR4
(15-15-15-35) tweaked to (14-14-14-34)

CASE – Deepcool matrexx55
Power – corsair cm750m 750 watts power supply
SSD/Nvme – Samsung 960evo (OS), kingston a400
HDD – 2TB toshiba 7200 rpm
OS – Windows 10 pro OS build 1809
Monitor – Acer eb321hqu c 1440p(qhd)



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  1. Because in 3 tests prove to be better does not mean that it is superior when considering the entire balance in general gigabits is better even better useful life

  2. Bro iam still confusing whether Gigabyte SSD SATA 480GB OR crucial Mx500 SATA 500GB can u suggest me which one I want to buy for the purpose I am upgrading my laptop from HDD to SSD ???


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