Grandmaster William Cheung Pressure Point Striking Seminar Day 1


Grandmaster William Cheung demonstrates how to use the Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu techniques and principles to position oneself to the blind side, deflecting the opponents force and taking control of the opponents elbow and in turn his balance are key elements to success in fighting the Wing Chun Way. In doing so you are trapping or pinning the opponents weight either on the front foot or the back foot to make the opponent vulnerable to a strike to his or her pressure points. Once the opponent is in a compromised position they are at their most vulnerable to an accurate strike from the Pheonix knuckle. Grandmaster William Cheung and I shot this video back in 2010. Hope you enjoy it! Sifu Dom Békés


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  1. I like this teacher I'm 58 and a weak person but I believe this would help me , I have a question for you teacher please email me

  2. Thank you for sharing this very clear exposition of the art by the master.
    Here in NYC I've been looking for a reputable school where Wing Chun is offered hoping to attend after the pandemic is in the rear view mirror.
    Have any references handy?

  3. I understand the need to promote yourself as a seminar instructor. But to state that he (or Wing Chung) is the only system that teaches working from the "blind side" is either purposely deceitful or shows a level of ignorance of the teachings of other systems.

  4. In other words, slap him@China Beach! Or love her! Thanks for the video and I value your service, Cheung Si-Gung, Si-Fu's!

  5. The way he is able to directly and simply explain the principles behind his teachings, he is teaching you how to learn.

  6. wawwwww…just like dance..move your body and no need to be strong..passion and love together..deadly combination..respect 4 this one

  7. What a patient trainer Mr Cheung is, I'm not really young myself any more and appreciate how age has provided such wisdom and he explains with simplicity simple truths of self defense. He probably is a great source of many learned things over his years he is probably a good listener as well. His ability to observe and gently teach the technics and corrections of the discipline required to utilize these great self defense strategies that seem with some training the average violent encounter doesn't have to be a fearful experience to the average person. Thank You Mr Cheung also a kind gentlemen I can see he must have a loving wonderful family who loves him very much.

  8. What a wonderful kind compassionate and intelligent man. I dont understand his morose mentally and emotionally dull students though, that I would probably kick out of my class after three minutes of that attitude.

  9. I'll talk my way out of a situation first but self defense is a good thing to know. I worry that the temple hit could be fatal. Is it?

  10. Leg kicks are something normally you wouldn't want to block with your arms or hands., especially when the attacker has no intention of holding back their kick. Best advice., evade, don't bother wasting energy placing arms where they shouldn't be. It's like when people crouch low or do flips to show their prowess, which proves one still has much to learn.


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