Year – 1954. Helen Keller explains That her Greatest Disappointment in life is that she can not speak normally. TRANSCRIPT: ” In this room sits a remarkable woman. She’s Miss Helen Keller. She does not see the room, or the book she’s reading. She sees nothing . She doesn’t hear the rustling of the curtains behind her. She is deaf… Deaf and blind. But if you enter a room she will know it. Your lightest foot fall will tell her you are coming. It will even tell her who you are, if she knows you. As she knows her old friend Polly Thomson. Polly has been with Helen forty years. For half of these she has been Helen’s only companion. Helen’s eyes and ears on the world. She talks to Helen with a finger system in which each letter has a sign…like this. Reaching out beyond her dark and silent night, Helen depends most on touch. Two other senses remain. There is taste and smell. Scent… the scent of objects and places and people tells Helen much that we learn with eyes and ears. But her hand is her chief link with the outer world, with Polly, with Anne the part time helper. With everyone she encounters. With her hand she reads Anne’s lips. She answers with her voice. It is an un-natural voice, and is her great sorrow. For all her years of effort Helen has never learned to speak clearly. This isn’t strange. For since she was a baby she hasn’t heard a word spoken nor seen lips forming one. But let Helen, with Polly’s help, tell you. (Helen speaking) : “It is not blindness or deafness that bring me my darkest hours. It is the acute disappointment in not being able to speak normally. Longingly I feel how much more good I may have done, if I had only acquired normal speech. But out of this sorrowful experience I understand more clearly all human striving, thwarted ambitions, and infinite capacity of hope.” A captioned version of this video can be watched at my youtube channel.

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  1. i am sooooooo happy i could hear her voice today. i thought i would never since there were no other video i could find 5 years ago. i finally found it!!!! i dont know how it came in my mind after so many years

  2. Lmaooo I'm related to this woman. I don't remember how, but a few generations ago my Uncle decided he wanted to a deep search into our family tree and its history and somehow we discovered that we're distantly related to this remarkable woman. Crazy stuff.

  3. "It is not blindness or deafness that bring me my darkest hours. It is the acute disappointment in not being able to speak normally. Longingly I think how much more good I might have done if I had only acquired natural speech. But after this sorrowful experience, I understand more fully all human striving, the walk of ambition, and the infinite capacity of hope."

  4. I love Helen Keller when I was 2 my mom taught me about her ever since then I watched videos learning more about this wonderful amazing women. For a long time I forgot about this wonderful women because of teens today. But I still love her

  5. The fact that she learned to speak words that are partially understandable 66 years later is absolutely astonishing, considering her monumental disadvantages. I was under the belief that she was completely mute. She was always an inspirational person to me, but now, that much more so.

  6. This remarkable woman accomplished more by the age of 20 than I have in 58 yrs as an able bodied person. I'm so depressed

  7. Can only imagine how 21st century technology could have helped her. A cochlear implant alone would have been life changing for her.

  8. I could understand Helen Keller speaking more clearly than I could understand the odd accent that the translator woman/teacher was speaking!

  9. I can't believe there's video of Helen Keller speaking. She was brought up so often when I was in high school and I never heard her or saw her. It made it feel like she existed 200 years ago. This really helps complete the picture. She seems like such a kind optimistic person, it's obvious shes all there, I can see why she was so inspirational.

  10. "I complained that I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet". Watching this video makes me thankful for the simple things I usually take for granted.


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