How Minecraft Changes the Future of Games – Minecraft Generation – Extra Credits


Minecraft took the games industry by storm, but its real impact won’t be seen for at least another decade, when the kids who grew up playing it become the next leaders of the games industry.

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  1. Now, in 2020, we have games such as:


    Ark: Survival Evolved

    Space Engineers


    7 Days to Die

    The Last Oasis (WIP)



    Thank you, Minecraft for your existence. Without you and your developers, we would not have seen these games and more. As for my message for you: See you, Space Cowboy.

  2. I grew up mostly on RPGs, specifically JPRGs, so I've always been used to less action and delayed gratification but one thing I don't think we see enough of in modern games that Minecraft can't help but do worth how it's designed is clear signs of progress.

    A lot of modern RPGs have kinda hidden the experience bar in out of the way areas of the interface in their efforts to declutter the screen or require exponential growth in a way that eventually you don't even see the bar move because you make so little progress per amount of experience your actions yield. Then there's the bullet sponge enemies that have become so common in shooter games where, to emphasize how tough they are, show no reaction to being shot so you don't even know if all the ammo you're unloading into them is causing any damage until eventually they fall or you just give up.

  3. And do you think this was a good thing? cuz today we have a bunch of losers who "just wanna have fun" and don't take their games seriously.

  4. So who are these kids that came up with the idea of Loot Boxes, and Micro Transactions, and the idea that you buy 10% of the game and the rest is DLC and people are stuck with lame things if they don't pay to win?
    I hate those kids. Get off my lawn!

  5. first games I played were mario and such, still ended up liking games tycoon/management games most… idk where you're getting this idea that people will grow up to like w.e they see first.

  6. I really think that Minecraft is practically a perfect game. all ages are able to enjoy it equally, it has stayed relevant over almost an entire decade and the game is continuously improving with new updates adding new content and fixing bugs.


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