How Much Faster Is PCIe 4.0 vs 3.0 – Corsair MP600 Review


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  1. I remember when games came on floppy disks and we had like 30kb/sec transfer speeds. A 1.44MB disk usually took a few minutes to copy! So I expect that given another 30 years, ~5GB/sec will seem somewhat slow. I guess the equivalent would be that in 2050, we'd be talking about 823TB/sec transfer speeds, LOL.

  2. anyone having issues with the Corsair MP600 on a X570 mobo ? I cannot get mine to show in either BIOS or Windows 🙁 Samsung 970 EVO Plus is working just fine on the same m.2 slot.

  3. for those who bought the older Corsair SSD, and their PC one day doesn't boot up w/ that SSD, and call Corsair, or email them, and there is no reply, well, don't count on those customers buying this brand name any time soon. Check out their own forum, millions of angry customers complaining why their PC no longer see their Corsair drives.

  4. Can this be placed in PCI slot? Or It needs to be placed in M.2. Slot? I have older Motherboard, and I don't have M.2 slot, but I have PCI 3.0 slot

  5. I don't know why would someone recommend the most expensive SSD for people who use pcie 3 if the CPU and Mobo bottlenecks it. Did Corsair sponsor the video? It sounds like.

  6. Will it fit on "MSI X570 Gaming Pro Carbon"? I am asking becauss of its height… Those heatsinks looks large…

  7. Currently looking at the B450 Aorus pro motherboard with two NVME slots, any idea if those in raid would match PCIE 4.0?

  8. 2 sec difference n almost $100 price diff.. btw tomhack max and x570 are almost near about price now why ? tomhack max should be much cheaper..

  9. hi Mr. we ,i have a question : graphics card pci express x 16 4.0 , can work good also on mothetboard with pci express 16x but 3.0? help me!!

  10. Could you remove the heatsink and replace it with a thinner one? My mini ITX motherboard can't allocate for the tall heatsink.

  11. If you installed one of these in the lower slot, would it block a large video card from seating with that heatsink??

  12. this stuff only makes sence if you video edit. for games you could shove a sata ssd in it and good good performance games will give you little to no performance enhancements, these type of drivers for professionals and simply put don't buy this drive unless you intend to do real work.

  13. Nice video. I am curious as to when Samsung is gonna be able to release a pcie 4.0 based nvme m.2 ; probably will be the 980 series.


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