How To Build 4x4x3 Gamefowl Dome Pen Chicken Cage Out 12 Gauge Wire


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This video shows you how to easily build a 4x4x3 gamefowl dome pen out of 12 gauge wire. This gamefowl pen works out well. This 12 gauge wire will last for years to come. It’s a easy pen to build and works out well for hold roosters or even a pair like a rooster and hen. I do not use doors on this type pen. I get the roosters out from under the pen or use a net and reach under and get them. If you want to make a door you can easily cut out a square on the front and then over lap that with a bigger piece of wire too use as your door. I myself have never used doors on dome pens.


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  1. With the heavier wire I take those corners that you left on and bend them back over the material I'm using to cover the pens. It gets it out of the way and helps hold down the covering.

  2. You have no idea how long many of us were waiting for your return. Hopefully everything in your life is a bit better since the last time you posted a video, glad to see you back.

  3. Great video! Finally a well put together video. If someone can’t follow this video and build this pen they don’t need chickens 🐔

  4. Your fairy close. To me. My son and I run a very small hatchery. But I have access to some games. In trade. Would love to get into them. But not sure now is the time. Would you have any interest in.


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