How to Build: Fastest Ship in-Game ft. CMDR Mini-Kill | Elite Dangerous


We’ve made the fastest ship possible in-game and want to share it with you!
CMDR Mini-Kill details each and every module, upgrade and experimental effect!
CMDR Mini-Kill Channel:

Special thanks to CMDR_Sanderling for the use of this clip:

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  1. im honestly so jealous of everyone, because im pretty much a new player, and my adder literally looks likes a soccer mom's SUV. its so ugly.

  2. Is this fixed yet? I can´t even get close to 900 m/s with mass of 62,4 t and almost thrusters on 5th grade. I get 651 m/s at the time.

  3. I dare you guys to make the slowest possible ship that can still move under its own power and the shortest possible FSD range ship.

  4. It's been a while since I've played, what exactly do you mean by "grade"? Engineer level? Like when you say "grade 5 3D sensors" where would I see that it's grade 5?

  5. the fastest ship is not always the best, going to fast that you cant control your ship and you crash, you need to add speed and control 50/50 to make it a better ship.

  6. So why does Coriolis only show 525/657 with this build? NM I just discovered *enhanced performance.. now off to figure out how and where for that

  7. The gravitational pull can be crazy!
    New to the game but, hey do FSD with the pull and glitch the game. Yup on Xbox. After crash, restarted on the Station.
    Definitely I need an elgato.

  8. I just switched over from an Xbox to PC (with HOTAS) and made my new character, finished the tutorial that isn't included in the Xbox edition and went to a low security RES to scrape enough credits to buy a mining laser and refinery for the ol' sidewinder.
    Ended up taking out (with the help of the ever vigilant system authority) 300k worth of bounties in ten minutes.
    The HOTAS is a real game changer!
    Anyways I floored it back to station, buried all my mining ambitions, threw away the shovel and got a MKIII Viper.

    Now I'm going around the good old interwebs to ask the more experienced and seasoned Viper pilots what weapons/tips would you advise a new commander to take? Thanks for your help !


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