How To Fence: The Basics of Fencing, Taught by Olympians


Top-ranked US Fencer Race Imboden and his teammate Miles Chamley-Watson demonstrate three fencing fundamentals to get you moving like an Olympic athlete. En garde!

Race, Miles and their Olympic teammates compete in London starting July 28th, 2012. Men’s Individual Foil competition takes place on Tuesday, July 31st. Men’s Individual Foil competition takes place on Sunday, August 5th. Watch online now!

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  1. Soo… what if I just run around and wildly swing the blade? I get that it’s an art… but wouldn’t it be more practical to dodge instead of parry durning a fencing match? So why not just be on the offensive and runs around your opponent? Ik that there’s a special strip that prevents you from moving to much. But it still would be more logical to be on a constant offense.

    I also feel like fencing is more luck based then anything… I mean think about it, some people are born with better reflexes then others, those people would have a huge advantage in a sport where after you have trained with the basics, raising your chances of winning becomes nearly impossible. Besides most opponents would be almost exactly matched…… wait a minute, this strangely sounds like every other sport 0-0

    We need a new kind of sport. A sport that randomly selects a random sport for 2 opponents or more to compete… no a better idea O-O how about we force athletes from every sport to do special Olympic Games where, athletes from random sports are forced to participate in random sports with other athletes from random sports!

  2. This video was great. Well explained, very brief and informative, well structured, and I feel smarter (meaning: I found what I was looking for).

  3. i’ve recently come across fencing and im already very invested in how it works ! i’d love to try it in person some day

  4. I used to love fencing when I was a little girl. My siblings and I would pretend like we were fencing all the time. I think had I taken it up as a sport I would have been good at it. I'm now almost 59 years old.

  5. my question is, were is the slashing? were is the blocking? were is the parrying? oh wait fencing is different to sword fighting. which is what i specialize in

  6. I don't have a rapier, but I do know how to improvise. I been wanting to try fencing out (even if there are no places to fence where I live)

  7. Lots of people go into sport fencing because they want to learn how to actually fight with a sword, if you are that person I would recommend looking into HEMA and historical fencing, to avoid the disappointment.


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