How to Play Suburbia Collector's Edition (Rules School) with the Game Boy Geek


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Skip the rule book and learn how to play Suburbia Collector’s Edition by Bezier Games

If you have more questions about the rules, place them here –

1:14 – One MInute Overview
2:14 – Setup
8:56 – Object of the Game
9:16 – Flow of the Game
9:24 – Placing a Building Tile
9:32 – From the Real Estate Market
13:24 – Placing a Basic Tile
14:07 – Placing a Tile as a Lake
14:52 – Placing an Investment Marker
15:49 – Collect Income
16:41 – Crossing Red Roofs
17:21 – Add a Tile to the Real Estate Market
17:45 – End of the Game
18:24 – Final Scoring

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  1. Is this a preproduction copy as the tiles look really thin and cheap and text on tiles looks way smaller compared to original game tiles ?

  2. Great how to! Thank you very much.
    Do have to say it’s extremely disappointing that you only explain the base game. There are plenty of how tos for the base game and none I can see for expansion. (Maybe I missed them?).
    You missed a golden opportunity to be the only one explaining it.
    For the this reason I won’t be subscribing to your channel. You kind of mislead me with the title.

  3. This how to play was great, and I am ignorant to what the expansions add, will there be a small how to play for them? We are hopefully getting this delivered around the 25th, looking forward to it, so thanks for this tutorial and the review.

  4. Am I crazy, but I do not think Investment markers work like that. Been a while since I played it after selling the original and waiting for the KS one. 14:52 . They do not make the tile count as two tiles on top of each other. They double the negative and positive effects that that tile gives. Basically if you put the marker on the Homeowners association it will trigger again as you said and from this point forward every OTHER green tiles that will be placed in the game will trigger this tile by generating 4 and not 2 money.
    It does not count as two tiles when counting bonus money if you put another Homeowners association in play. Did they change the rules in Collectors edition?


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