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Learn how to play Suburbia, a city-building, tile-laying game for 2-4 players by Ted Alspach, in 6 minutes with the Rules Girl. If you’re interesting in getting a copy of Suburbia or any of our recommendations, consider using the below affiliate links.

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  1. Fantastic video! I'm playing this game with my brother tonight and I couldn't have a better explanation of the rules. Thanks 😊

  2. Wow. I'm really impressed. I've watched a bunch of "How to" vids and your animation and explanation is wonderful. Very well done!!!

  3. any chance you will do an update to suburbia when the kickstarter edition releases? also i like your voice it is different and sounds great

  4. have to agree with everybody else. you made such a confusing system uncomplicated. im now going in for the deluxe Kickstarter

  5. I've only played this game once, a year ago, and it has been sitting on my shelf since. Before I dump it on craigslist I wanted my family to give it another try, since I think there is a great game here and want to play more.

    This video was EXACTLY what I needed to remember how to play and pull this out to the table easily. Thank you!!

  6. Outstanding video, no wasted time. Thanks for showing the GAME and not your face like so many of these "celebrity gamers"

  7. like many others have already pointed out, fantastic video. I will finally get to try out the game now that your video has clarified few of unknowns for me.

  8. Absolutely amazing. My boyfriend and I have a pretty large game collection, but we still found the set up and mechanics of this one a little confusing. After watching your vid we had it pretty much down pat and only had to check the rulebook a few times for clarification. THANK YOU! Please don't stop making these amazing vids ☺️

  9. I'm getting this game on Wednesday, and I'm SO glad I have this video to show my friends how to play. I'm notoriously horrible at rules explanation, so thank you for doing that work for me!

  10. I LOVE THIS. I was interested in suburbia before, and it was kind of a daunting game, but your explanation and animations were so clear. You are the only youtuber, in my opinion, that explained this game really consisely and in such a way that it's not overwhelming. THANK YOU.

  11. I feel you need two things:

    * Publisher sponsored videos
    * A patreon so we can support you to make more of these fantastic videos

  12. Your production on these is so slick and you have a lovely VO for rules explanation. Is this all After Effects animation or a similar program?


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