I Bought a Refurbished Super Nintendo & GameCube From GameStop…HOW BAD IS IT?!


I recently purchased a refurbished Nintendo GameCube and Super Nintendo from GameStop and I was surprised with quality of ONE of the systems… while the other…. not so much!
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  1. Hey peeps! Please make sure you check out my second channel OJX! I do funny skits + rants and other stuff on there! We're also giving away a Switch Lite! —-> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiEzwPaRrI573dUgTG5tLxA

  2. Make sure you play Eternal Darkness! Classic exclusive that often gets overlooked by people! Other than Dead Space, probably my most memorable horror game experience ever.

  3. Yeah with game systems that are 15+ years, I wouldn't really care at all about scuff marks or cosmetic stuff…as long as it works! I would definitely be particular about the feel of the controllers though. Sometimes those triggers would lose their sensitivity, or the buttons would get sticky. I can't have none of that lol.

  4. Awesome Unboxing n Pickup vid PE Ninja Master.

    Two quality Classic Nintendo systems 😀 👍. The SNES is the SNES the best Console of all time no question, still got the best games in Gaming. The GC although not my fave Nintendo system and it had a rocky time but I loved Luigi's Mansion, Mario Sunshine, Twilight Princess n more plus very cool 3rd Party games aswell.

  5. I mostly fell out of gaming during the gamecube days, and any I did was mainly on xbox or Dreamcast, so I barely even touched a GC, SNES on the other hand is one of the best consoles ever!

  6. Even though companies are doing the whole HD ports for the classics i'm just done with them since some times they take out things from them (the original game) and i just love playing these classics games on their original console they just feel right. Like the GBA games i just bought a GBA with the ags 101 screen and the GBA games look amazing and i just want to buy more games for it, i was never interested on using GBA mods because they just feel wrong.

  7. The GameCube with the Metroid Prime bundle was my very first GameCube ever however took me 10 years to beat MP1 but as for the SNES I’ve never officially owned one but I would love to own the old Nintendo systems and handhelds so I can live the old school days as I feel like I was born in the wrong generation. Haha

  8. nice video! sweet T-shirt! Also some of the first batch of super nintendo's made had a different type of plastic that turned yellow when under sunlight, they later fixed that issue.

  9. Oh boy, how far we came. I was three years old when I even got to touch a Super Nintendo. The Game Cube was the first system I ever owned.

  10. What i love about the gamecube is all of my sonic games=), also windwaker, luigi's mansion, mgs twins snake, f zero gx, mario sunshine, paper mario, and metroid those are the most i like about the gamecube

  11. I got nearly everything I want in the snes I just want to add about 10 more games then I’m done with the snes as for the GameCube I got over a hundred game and I still want to get more games for it

  12. You should get baten kaitos now because the price is going up especially origins as for fire emblem is it’s expensive unfortunately I didn’t buy it yet but I’m planning on adding it in to the collection


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