I found the world's RAREST arcade game


It’s been over a year, but I’m back at the Skylon Tower arcade in Niagara Falls Canada to play a bunch of different arcade games! This place is one of my favorite arcades of all time and is practically abandoned at this point in time. I decide to test my skill at a few ticket redemption games, ride a few kiddie rides, and play Galaxy Force, one of the world’s rarest arcade games ever. There is only a few of these games operational in the entire world, and luckily even after 30 years this game is still working.



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  1. This is like the only arcade near me half the machines don't work and it's not really worth it lol atmosphere isn't great either! I need to go on holiday soon find me a good arcade!

  2. Walked through this place many times but never bother spending money, not sure how this place even stays open, nobody is ever there, its deserted….everybody goes to Great Canadian Midway….including myself

  3. I hit the jackpot one time on cyclone at Dave & Busters, haven't hit it since then, and this was many years ago. I swear the Galaxy Force is becoming more famous then the falls itself.

  4. if you like that one you should see the sega r360 it was from the 90s and i doubt many exist anymore but it can spin you in any direction. i heard a bunch were converted into some other game too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDr2jNo1dmI

  5. Wow, that game looks rare! Never seen one like that before. The rarest arcade game I've ever found is a Death Race arcade game in Cincinnati, OH.

    Also that Sonic and Shadow plushie are from 2009. Im not really too surprised about that because that place looks so empty…


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