I Ordered More GameCube Games From GameStop…Here's What They Sent Me


It’s been a bit harder recently to find good deals on GameCube games since going out and looking for them has been impossible. GameStop ran a deal online the other day that ended up including GameCube games so I filled up a cart with some of the better games that I needed and got pretty lucky with prices and what was sent to me.

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  1. I really don’t understand GameCube game prices, it seems like the more copies the game sold the more expensive it is and it hurts my brain

  2. A few notes:
    F-Zero GX has a widescreen mode you can enable in the settings.

    Pokémon Colosseum and XD were used by many people back then to trade Johto- and Kanto-Pokémon (especially Ho-Oh and Lugia) to Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald and are some of the best Pokémon RPGs out there, including Game Freak's games. Sadly Genius Sonority is not allowed to make Pokémon games similar to the main series anymore, but they're still making tons of spin offs.

    Lastly, there's a trick you can use to make sure that the data on your discs is not damaged, Adam Koralik uses it too.
    He dumps his games with homebrew as backup and then copies the hash values generated during the process and looks them up in a spreadsheet. If the values can't be found it is probable that the disc itself is damaged.
    And with the GCLoader he primarily uses these copies to play his games. That way they're preserved and can be played without wearing the discs. 😊

  3. Wow they all came with cases almost . Not bad at all GameStop …. 🤔🤔 maybe I should do this and use all the extra manuals I have xD

  4. I just got three games off eBay, first sonic hero’s for GameCube, then the Incredible Hulk for the wii and also Mario super sluggers for the wii

  5. I honestly woint use gamestop for used games. Part of the joy in collecting is getting everything with them. cases covers manuals

  6. Since when does gamestop still have gamecube games it's literally been 15 years since I've seen one in gamestop and everytime I ask if they have any I get looked at like I'm crazy, how tf did u find gamecube games at gamestop 😂

  7. My God…just listening to this, I need to buy a gamecube and buy Baten Kaitos. Like thats all I need and I would be able to die in peace lol

  8. I feel like they've started throwing out the manuals so they can put the discs where the manual should be. How else would so many of these games have the cases but no manuals? I used to get manuals when they started doing Gamecube and Xbox retro

  9. I recently bought pokemon xd came with a GameCube case cover art no manual. Resurfaced. Not as bad as billy hatcher though.

  10. I once bought a copy of SoulCalibur 2 from Gamestop. Put it in the Wii, and of course it did not work. I look at the disc, you can see right through it. Nothing at goddamn Gamestop works.

  11. Hope someone reads this, last year i was hardcore collecting video games like I had hundreds so then November came around and I was wanting a vehicle so my dumb self started selling on eBay I made $2500 before fees shipping and stuff so profit was around 1800 I think but I would spend small amounts at like restraunts and stuff then I realized I was saving for a car but at this point i only had 600 left so I couldn't find a vehicle for that much so I literally bought a nintendo switch and some games brand new from gamestop my total was 583 so I literally sold my entire video game collection for 1 system that's how dumb i was then I sold the switch for 250 and just bought everyone something for Christmas yes so I'm pretty stupid now its July and im wanting to start collecting again so yea you can go on my YouTube channel and see what my game room use to look like

  12. Other then f-zero, and pikmin….you got screwed. Then games are trash. I wouldn't spend a single damn cent at Gamestop. they are crooks and always will be.

  13. It looks like ds is not yet considered retro by gamestop. I found some cool deals on ds, 3ds, and wii u games. Now might be a good time to pick some of those up.

  14. Sleeve is probably safer, I remember when I bought a DVD where the center spindle was actually broken from the factory and as a result the disk rattled around the case and got scratched.

  15. I ordered melee a couple months ago and I payed to get it a few days early …. they sent it late and scratched

  16. I fricken LOVE Kirby Air Ride!!! We played it all the time at my cousin’s house growing up!!! I’m just now building a GameCube collection, and my brother got me Kirby, and it’s still so much fun. I also need the manual for mine though

  17. Recently did a pickup and got Go Go Hypergrind, Ty 3, Spongebob Revenge of the Flying Dutchman, and Super Monkey Ball.

  18. Wow. I just got the original picmin and spomgebob battle for bikini bottom both on gamecube, complete, at a local garage sale. They both worked great and i got them for a quarter each.

  19. I found a Game Boy Light for 800 yen a few weeks ago! Works great & is in pretty good condition. I know it’s kind of been made redundant these days, but I’ve always wanted one… 🤗

  20. Have ordered hundreds of retro from them never seen a manual. I'm convinced that they trash them to save on shipping weight

  21. Another reason why I look forward to gamestop going out of business is their regular destruction of video games due to sheer incompetence

  22. commenting from the future: i like how no one batted an eye about the Dex in Gale of Darkness but the world lost its mind with the Dex in SwSh

  23. Not gonna lie, I would be displeased if the game came in a sleeve. It's an older game. We should start keeping it in the spot and maybe adding a piece of foam or felt under it. Keep it secure, they dont make this stuff anymore.

  24. @7:35 IT IS THE ONLY F Zero since 15 years!!!! Three console generations gone by and ninty was not capable to deliver another F Zero!!! We never needed any new mechanics or crap, just high speed anti grav racing with awesome and insane tracks!!! Even an HD remake of F Zero X or a rerelease of GX for Wii/Wii U would have sufficed!!! But oh well ninty is lame and instead we get the X repetiton of Mario (insert number, acronym or stupid phrase). At least Shinen saw the hole ninty left open and delivered a nice fast paced racer for Wii U and Switch!


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