I Ordered Nintendo Gamecube Games From GameStop In 2019…And This Is What They Sent Me


In 2019 I wanted to start working towards filling out my Gamecube collection and even attempting to complete it over the next few years. The Gamecube selection on GameStop’s website is actually priced well so I figured I would order Gamecube games from them and see how it turns out.

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  1. Seriously where are all the manuals? Do people really throw them out? I'd always keep them in the box as would all my friends. Why get rid of them?

  2. now i am buying gambube games overpriced on ebay because of nostalgia reasons and i got animal crossing finally for 57 CAD:( (came with case but no cover art) i want to get ocarina of time but cheapest copy that is complete is like 90 dollars CAD, shit sucks and where i live i never see GameCube games in pawn shops and every time its same prices as ebay…

  3. Pretty good they have cases but what make some gamecube games very valuable is the original manuals and inserts!!!.

  4. prices have doubled i have to start buying now
    Im out here buying super mario sunshines for 60 dollars 🙁

  5. I traded everything I had(PS1/PSOne/PS2 Fat/PS2 Slim/G.Cube/N64/Dreamcast/Genesis1,2,3+32x)… I had x2 of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd "Gen" and x32 of the Genesis consoles and 200+ games for just the Genesis alone and every game for the other consoles as well)… every single GD game I had. And I sold my Dreamcast with a bad A/V cable and had to refund the D-bag half of what I sold it for, cause he couldn't read!… all for a stupid PS3(A year after it came out!)… and I didn't even make half the money for that stupid PS3 even then! But I kept my Atari(2600s, 5200s, 7800s) systems and the games/controllers… thinking they would be worth something in the future 🙁

  6. "I ordered Nintendo GameCube games and this is what they sent me" let me guess they sent you Gamecube games, which you ordered…

  7. I have Sonic Adventure 2 battle with case and i have it since i turned 5 years old i am now 20 i still have it i am from the netherlands if you look on CEX UK i think you will find one of the Sonic games

  8. Owned the Collectors Edition for the Gamecube. The only negative I'll give it is Majora's Mask was not the best experience in the sense that they didn't get the Gamecube to emulate the memory expansion cartridge properly or at all so it's like playing a PC game with below the minimum specs at the point where the game runs and is playable, just not that well. Could of been avoided obviously but Nintendo probably just didn't think about it being an issue since the Gamecube was a newer and stronger machine. Probably is better than the 3DS remake though considering they didn't change the movement mechanics without adjusting for the changes in map design.

  9. A long time ago I had the 4 game zelda collectors edition. And my all time favorite, windwaker. Im still kicking my self in the butt for selling them. You have no idea how nostalgic this video is for me.

  10. I ordered Persona 4 Golden for the PS Vita but they sent me Persona 4 dancing all night inside theP4G box.

  11. A year later and I'm just now starting to collect Gamecube games and they are really pricey compared to how they're priced in the video

  12. I keep reading all of these comments saying how they sold all their old games to save money to buy new ones… but when I was a kid, I SOLD SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE FOR 1 DOLLAR, I STILL THINK ABOUT IT TILL THIS DAY 🙁

  13. My mom makes me so mad sometimes. She sold my old gamecube and xbox 360 because I had "modern" consoles

  14. Hey anyone reading this i need some help.
    I bought paper mario the thousand year door from gamestop and the disc has twi silver pieces of foil or tape on it.
    The game isnt working is it because of that or is that from gamestop working on the disc.

  15. I went and saw the sonic the hedgehog movie not too long ago. After seeing it I wanted to play games like sonic adventure 1&2. I ended up getting a gamecube and now I have like 20 games all got in like a span of a week haha. I even drove 2 hours to get the first sonic adventure. Could I have gotten it online? yeah sure but there is no thrill of the hunt in that!

  16. Holy SHIT dude can you stop talking for literally just one fucking second. ONE. My girlfriend is blasting this at 9.30 and I'm trying to sleep JESUS. TAKE A BREAK. 5 seconds dude. 5 SECONDS. MY GOD BRO annoying ass.

  17. Just recently found a copy of Spyro Enter the Dragonfly while digging through a box of junk at my parents. Has the original manual, cover art, and case


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