İllusion games fps fix for box hako and other illusion games


1:download dgvoodo
2:open the ms folder
3:open the x86 folder
4:copy the d3d9.dll to your game folder

this solution work for me maybe work for you too

if it didnt solve your problem try this dlls

for school mate 2


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  1. no funciona tal vez sea por ser ryzen en vez de intel, estos dll provocan muchosglith graficos o directamente no arrancan, solo es mi caso

  2. This totally fixed the low frame rate issue in Artificial Girl 3…..but it erases the "run with subs" and "configure subs" buttons in the startup menu.
    So, either i can't play because the frame rate is too low or I can't play because i can't read any of the menus or controls in game =/

  3. The D3D9.dll file from dgvoodoo folder fixes my fps issues, but breaks the game horribly, bodies and faces are all over the place. If I remove it, it goes back to normal but at 7fps, any idea what could be causing this? I already tried all of the files you listed, bad luck I guess.

  4. The sm2 link did work for school mate 2, but it only worked for a little bit. Now it's stuck at like 1-5 fps. I like that game though but idk
    (edit) It works if you lower setting to normal or performance. The default is quality but it lags so yea

  5. None of these work for SM2 for Windows 10. The Voodoo x86 file messes up all the models with most body parts missing. The X64 file does nothing and the game won't load. The SM2 specific file causes the game to hang at loading screen. It used to run perfectly on win 7, though if you changed it to Quality setting it would run at 1fps like it does on Win 10.

  6. In the Real Kanojo game their bodies disappear and their heads are only seen when I copy the D3D9 file, please help

  7. holy shit this is actually legit. Thanks for this seriously. I kept reading that Illusion games suck balls on Windows 10 but this fixed the chugging lag when you were looking into the box to fuck about with your Hako. The ONLY drawback is that is says Voodoobg or some shit at the bottom right barely but its hardly noticeable especially because you know, you can play the damn game again. Super super cannot recommend enough if you're trying to preserve your old games. Especially since Hongfire is dead. Again again.

  8. THANK YOU! I looked EVERYWHERE, and I mean EVERYWHERE for this d3d9 file to make the game work! Have you seen ALL OF THE INTERNET?! Have you seen EVERYWHERE on the internet? It's HUGE, there are LOTS of places! And I finally found one that works in here, with you! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


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