Installing a SSD in a Desktop PC


Installing a SSD in a desktop PC is easy and can drastically improve performance and the stability of your computer.

Solid-state drives will revive your computer and stretch your system without stretching your budget. More reliable and more durable than a traditional hard drive, it also runs silent and cool while making your computer more responsive than ever.

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  1. How to install an SSD in a laptop:

  2. I played and played that bit about the cable you used to plug the ssd to the motherboard, could not hear what you said.

  3. If i install a ssd for a few games to put on do i still need to do copy my stuff from my hdd. And can i just move the games from hdd to ssd?

  4. i have a problem , the ssd is only made for laptop so desktop does not run the ssd , why? i think that happens because laptop use 5v power
    and pc use 12v power , so ssd does not works i try 5 ssd none of them worked , someone knows where can i buy a 12v ssd ?

  5. Do i have to install the operating system on the new SSD. I've already got an SSD for my main usage, but want another just to store games and such.

  6. I have gigabyte 120gb ssd, i also install os in the ssd but when i turn on my pc it takes regular hdd time. How can i solve this problem. I think my ssd is not in operation. I deleted my old hdd os. Plz reply. Thanks

  7. im guessing if i already have an ssd in my computor and i need more storage i don´t need to do any of that in the beginning?

  8. i barely bought a pc and want to add an sdd but i dont have any power sata connectors at all. do i have to add them to my psu?

  9. Can i just buy a SATA cable in the store or do i get one when i buy the SSD, i mean does it has to be a special one to EXACTLY the SSD I have or can i just buy a random SSD cable and it will work on all SSD?

  10. Okay, so my old hard drive is failing, and im getting a new one to replace as well as an SSD because itll be nice to have and help me out with what i need to do on my computers. If i have my old hard drive, and a new SSD and new hard drive i need to install in its place, but i want to make the transition as easy and painless as possible… how would i go about getting all my files off my old hard drive on to my new one? I have very little knowledge on the subject, so forgive me for my ignorance and thank you for any advice 🙂


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