Installing the Samsung 970 EVO SSD with a PCIe M.2 Adapter Card


Need extra M.2 connectors? Fear not! This video will show you how you can use a PCI-Express adapter that will allow you to install NVME and SATA III solid state drives. Installation, configuration, formatting and Windows 10 setup are all covered in this in-depth tutorial and guide.

We also test the performance to find out if adapting has any impact on the read and write speeds of a brand new Samsung 970 EVO 1TB NVME SSD!

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  1. Wow really really good video 🙂 I really like your explanation, research and nice edit with footage of your nice PC good job man 😀

  2. Using the adaptor in a desktop as you did, I should be able to uprade the firmware on an NVME drive pulled from a notebook? Seems the answer is yes not not sure. Will it work?

  3. Hello, What is the need for this high-volume, irritating background music? Please do not irritate viewers with such highly disturbing, sudden-blaring up of unnecessary background music in between the video which comes quite unexpectedly and certainly disturbs the viewers who keep the volume levels up to hear what is being described about the product and other technical matters. PLEASE DO UNDERSTAND THAT A BACKGROUND MUSIC IS QUITE UNNECESSARY HERE AND IT IS QUITE DISTURBING AND IRRITATING. Please either remove the music and post the video with some tolerable background music if at all a background music is absolutely necessary as per you newgen people, who do not have any regard for others' well-being. Hope you would take care of such matters at least while making your next video. Be considerate and have some consideration for the viewers feedback. Try to value other living beings also.

  4. On my Mac Pro 2010. Would it be faster to use a X16 adapter rather than a X4? Looking to get the fastest data transfer rate

  5. Great and informative video and your setup is so minimal and clean! Do you or anyone out there know if there are PCI4 versions of these type adapters? If there are, would they theoretically have any advantages over the PCI3 ones? Thanks!

  6. Dang man, you are horribly underrated for the camera and set up quality.

    Also if it hasn't been mentioned, some quiet background music would be nice. Good video!

  7. if my NVME is already OS drive will it auto detect it? have my NVME on an old M.2 non NVME speed slot.

  8. Few things to take note of;
    1- pCIE express 3.0 x16 is for GPU.
    If you use it for pCIE adapter then you better be in need of 4 NVMe ssds plugged on the adapter, so all are running at x4.0 mode to make the most out of your pCIE express x16 lane.

    2- If you need only two more ssds or just one, better get pCIE express 3.0 x8 adapter with two NVMe ssd slots on it. So, both can run in x4 mode.

    3- If you have an AMD or Nvidia GPU, then most probably you would like to go with the later option to use 2 NVMe ssds at their fullest potential i.e. x4 mode instead of buying 4-ssds-adapter for pCIE express 3.0 x8 lane and running each ssd at half of their speed i.e. x2 mode.

    4- installing NVMe SSDs via adapter in x8 slot while having a gpu plugged into x16 slot may bring the GPU down to the performance of x8 mode. Check your mother board if it is capable of handling GPU at x16 and x8 at their advertised speed respectively even when both slots are utilitised.

    NVMe SSDs come in following speeds.
    pCIE nvme 3.0 x4; which is the normal.
    pCIE nvme 3.0 x2; cheaper and performs at half the speech of the former.
    Latest: pCIE express 4.0 x4 AMD introduced pCIE express 4.0

    SSD does have two types one is SATA and the other is NVMe.
    SATA III max goes up to ~600Mb read write, while NVMe 3.0 goes up to 3.5Gb read and 2.5Gb write for x4 and half these numbers for x2 mode.
    Whereas NVMe 4.0 x4 is crazy fast upto 10Gb!

    M.2 is form factor like 2.5" 3.5" SSD/hard drives.
    M.2 again comes in 4 different sizes.
    Take them as size of chocolate bar 😜

    Hope this will help someone. 😄

  9. when I did that on my Asrock Z87 MB (old) my Nvidia gtx 1060 was not detected but the iGPU works and the SSD works as well after running 2 microsoft stand alone update (msu) for win 7. Any clue?

  10. Whoa I didn't even know you could do this! I wanted to replace my 512gb NVMe but now I'm just going to buy this and install my games on it. Your link only shows the single slot one. Also one question is if you insert two M.2 SSDs in one of the adapters is it considered one storage as a whole or two separate storages?

  11. Cheers bought the 860 EVO and then realised I didn't have to connector on my MB. You answered all my questions.

  12. I have that same nvme ssd but my board only has 1 slot so i will definately pick this up when i buy another nvme ssd,my motherboard just got extended life,lol

  13. Sorry, MBR is dead for quite a long time. Whetheer the user wants to boot this SSD, he/she should select GPT and not MBR.

  14. the thing about your motherboard its all 3.0 pcie slot… most cheap boards have pcie 3.0 only for the graphic card and pcie 2.0 for the others. I came here hoping to see the speeds on pcie 2.0 using nvme ssds

  15. Just tell people to be sure to install the adapter into a pci e Gen3 to get the full speed , most mobos have gen2 and gen 3 slots.

  16. Great video!!
    I just install a Samsung 860 EVO 1TB as my OS drive and it's fantastic. Night and day.
    Why did I take so long to get an SSD 😢

    I plan to get a one of these 2TB Samsung NVME with PCI adapter now that I'm hooked.

  17. What is that card-like thing he's attaching to the card that goes in the PCIe slot? This is all new to me… in all my past PC builds I've used SATA hard drives or SSDs.

  18. I'd just got this with a 970 evo and its going into asroch 970a g/3.1 motherboard and I can'T seem to get it to work is there a way to set it up to work ?.

  19. I got the 970 Evo, and the adapter card but only have an empty PCIEX16_2 slot, and the computers not recognizing the ssd. I'm using an Asus M5A97 motherboard. How can I configure it to work?

  20. When you did the speed test do you had the intergrated GPU or a dedicated one?
    Because then the PCIe Gen3 x16 became PCIe Gen3 x8


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