Intel 760p NVMe M.2 SSD – Performance on a Budget – Review


Intel 760p 256GB SSD — @Newegg
Samsung 960 EVO – 250GB — @Newegg — @Amazon
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If you are on a super tight budget and only need a 120GB SSD but want a NVMe performance option, consider the ADATA SX6000 — @Newegg — @Amazon

The BIOSTAR Z370 GT6 motherboard on my desk is also a great deal — @Newegg –

Look for a separate review of that board, however it costs $50 less on average than similar boards from the other companies with similar features.


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  1. Time Stamp 1:59: "Now if you're completely confused, hang on! Let me make it really simple." In less than one minute and thirty seconds, I have a better understanding of the concepts of the NVME vs SATA M.2 Drives. I wanted to get the best performance out of it that I can. Up until now, I have only ever used mechanical HDDs. 3 weeks ago I build my mom a Ryzen 2200G system using my first SSD. Wow, was the speed difference unimaginable! I just received an ASRock AB3350 Pro4 (used) for under $50. I will be going with the NVME PCI express version of the M.2 storage (ASRock calls this M.2 Ultra). I will also order a second unit to install into the the SATA M.2 port. So I'm looking at investing a total of $220 (500gb) into the solution at this point. I have an additional mechanical 2TB HDD for video storage/content creation. Slowly building this system over time so no need to purchase right now, I'll be looking for sales. Especially with the Ryzen refresh coming next month, I'm looking forward to your review when you (hopefully) get the sample. Thanks again Tech Deals!

  2. I bought it last year, 256gb capacity. Had to replace my dying SP 120gb drive.Been 14 months, good so far. 96% life left whatever that means. iirc I have written 8tb so far. There's 76tb per 128gb. Pretty good budget nvme imo. Big maya files, huge sim caches. It reads alembic frames like nothing.

  3. What's the value of the 760p compared to the 660p? The latter sells for half the price and even the Samsung 970 EVO Plus is cheaper than the 760p.

  4. Hey do you have a video about nvme cache and the actual speed of drives once the cache is filled and which drives have the fastest speed after the cache ?

  5. When you revisit a video 18 months later and a price has been more than cut in half 🙂 what an amazing time to love technology

  6. I found a Silicon power 512gb nvme drive for just $65, reads of 3200mbps and writes of 2400. It would be the 680hp car (5:02) for 300hp car (sata ssd) money.

  7. Just wanna drop a big thank you that you convinced me to pick the Intel 760p over the Samsung 960 EVO with much of a bargain. It's my first ever pc build and it's working so well!

  8. Hi to tech Deals and all the fans, Please accept my greetings. I am currently using a 240GB Kingston SA400 SSD synced with a 32GB Intel Optane. For the sake of performance, thinking to buy a 500GB Intel 760p, but wondering which M.2 slot should be used to install each of my Optane and Intel 760p to get the most of them!!? My Motherboard is a Gigabyte Aorus Z370 Ultra Gaming. any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  9. love you for adding pcie 2.0 x4 comparison (running modded z77 motherboard and planning to get the 760p for daily use)

  10. Time Stamp 8:54: "The 600p is slow compared to modern drives; and I would not buy one even if it was cheaper. Even if it was $20 to $30 cheaper than the 760p it's not worth it in my opinion." I have some questions. Are you (Tech Deals) comparing a 760p with a 600p? Or is that a 660p? Was that just misspoken? Do you have the same opinion today (about 1 year later) about the 660p? I ask because right now I can get a 2TB 660p Intel SSD Nvme drive for about $220. Where as the 760p of the same capacity is more than double in price @ $507

  11. Hi, which is better for normal user – web, some games, editing classic photos in photoshop, etc… Intel 760p NVMe or just classic M.2 SSD like Crucial MX500? can i see the difference?

  12. You talk like a professor, but a really good professor. Thanks to your careful and well organised explanation I have a better understanding about these new ssd. Many thanks! You’ve earned a subscriber. 🙂

  13. I have a 600p NVMe that I bought before learning how bad it was.  I've bought new stuff for my main build and will have enough components for a secondary build.  Should I toss the 600p in the trash or will it perform at least as good as a SATA SSD?


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