Kingston A400 240GB SSD unboxing Review And Benchmark | Best Budget SSD | October 2018


Hey there guys this is kushal and in this video i reviewed the kingston a400 240gb ssd also i did a benchmark at the end of the video and showed you guys how to install this ssd into your computer so if you like this video then


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  1. I have brought the ssd 240 Kingston from flipkart but the speedtest result are very less upto 100 mbps I need help it is fake or not please reply

  2. Help please ! thought of making a 60gb partition only for windows and rest as a single partition for saving files so will it cause any problem ON 480gb SSD

  3. Buenas, is my report, bought this KINGSTON A400 480GB, and with only a year and a half of use, and 1% of wear, monitored by Kingston's own program, he suddenly stopped, reports in SATAFIRM S11 bios, researched and is A hardware defect, I have nothing to do, so rubbish, unfortunately I lost the grade and I am not getting another copy, and Kingston refuses to give me a guarantee.KINGSTON, NEVER MORE!

  4. I just installed the A400 in my 2011 Acer laptop and loaded linux mint mate 19.1. Benchmarks are not useful to me but boot time is. It boots in about 20 seconds now and my Acer has a SATA I and not even SATA II on board.

  5. Should i get the adata su650 or this ssd. The adata one is a little faster but i don’t know which brand should i go with.

  6. Who is teaching you Hindian guys English ? Your accents are so thick it's impossible to listen to ………….

  7. Thanks for using English in video & the title. Many Indian youtubers use English title without hindi tag & hindi in video.

  8. Brother please email me its copy paste speed ( in movie file trasnfer at least 4 gb file please brother its a humble request please i want to buy this ssd please brother send me the copy paste speed in mb/s of this ssd please with both source ssd to ssd and ssd to hdd please please??????????????????? and i subscribe youre channel and press bell icon as well please brother ??

  9. Bhai please reply fast mai Gigabyte ssd 240gb wala magaya hai par
    mujhe confused Wd green 240 is better or which please reply apke hisab se bato

  10. You have a very nice voice, and a good video presentation. Thank you. A bit of advice on your speaking speed. For some reason, people from some countries where English is not the "Mother Tongue," speak far too quickly. Please listen to professional broadcasts in English… and PACE your speaking. When you run all the words together quickly, especially with an accent, it is VERY difficult for us "Native" speakers to understand you. Sorry if I have offended… but I'm trying to help. I was a professional broadcaster for 18 years… all you have to do is cut your speed in HALF, and we will all be able to understand.

  11. I found that A400 240GB and WD green 240 GB At the same price, which one I should choose and why?

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