Kingston A400 SSD – A new KING of affordable SSDs?


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Kingston A400 SSD:

120GB =
240GB =


The Kinston A400 is in my opinion by far the best upgrade in terms of performance I have ever done to my PC. These SSDs perform PHENOMENALLY, and over 3X faster than my standard Hard disks when used as a boot disk.

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  1. does it work on Gigabyte GA-F2A68HM-S1?

    can i use my 500gb hdd and this a400 ssd together?

    hope youll answer this. this will quite help me thinking to buy a400 ssd.

    thanks.. new subscriber here.. you definitely had the potential making a big channel :))

  2. please answer to me . what is best . crucial BX 500 . 480 gb OR Kingston A400 . 480 gb .
    which one of them . in my country both almost same price

  3. 7:02 I remember paying $400 for a 400mb hard drive in the late 80s which is $1 a mb.
    A 250gb hard drive would have cost $ 250,000!
    Then 400mb HDD $400
    Now 250,000 HDD $45
    A much better deal now wouldnt you say?

  4. "Thanks to Kingston for sponsoring this video and sending the gear"… thanks for telling us that in the beginning of the video so I didn't have to watch it! Doubt anything said could have been unbiased after that.

  5. Buenas, i am writing from BRAZIL, and these is my report, i bought this A400 480GB, and with only a year and a half of use, and 1% of wear, monitored by Kingston's own program, he suddenly stopped, reports on SATAFIRM S11 bios, researched and is a Hardware defect, nothing to do, just rubbish, unfortunately I lost the grade and I'm not getting another copy, and Kingston refuses to give me a guarantee.KINGSTON, NEVER MORE!

  6. Note about Kingston: Kingston products used to be assembled in tiwan. They moved the manufacturing to china and the quality has gone down hill. Only drives I use are the ones that have a label in the product that says assembled in tiwan.

  7. A slight critique : I feel you focused FAR too much on the looks of the SSD and how much it matched your case as opposed to focusing on performance, etc (the REAL reason people buy SSD's in the first place)

    But otherwise a good job, and please continue making videos. 🙂

  8. I usually watch vids on 2x speed cuz shit be long and I be needin that info quick, but goddamn this at 2x is faster than a damn auctioneer

  9. Kingston Crap, while other SSD for same price write 6 GB per second this one only 500 mb per sec ! Am I wrong?

  10. The Reason these are so cheap now is the write speed is really bad that's all there is to it folks! Dont belive me compare it to a Samsung or other top tear SSD's. Worth buying ah if you don't care ya sure.

  11. Please read the reviewes before buying this particular model. The healt drops to 99% as soon as you finish the instalation of windows and drivers, users claim is very bad and fails completely in about 6 moths to 1 year.


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