Kingston HyperX Fury SSD Review


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Today we’re looking at Kingston’s HyperX Fury SSD. It meets our requirements of being a budget SSD, but does it perform to what Kingston says? Watch this to find out.

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Kingston HyperX Fury SSD Review



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  1. hey guys I'm new to ssd's does the 9mm bracket enable me to install it into my desktop tower (standard 3.5 hard drive bay)?Regards

  2. with Kingston product the model number is verrrrrry important (like SH103S3)
    things even gets worse when using Kingston V300A (not V300S)

  3. I'm in awe by these results. I was thinking about getting 2 120GB ssd's to get the best performance. But these results kind of stray me away. I'm honestly disappointed. What would you recommend, since I am adamant on buying 2 ssd's to get the performance? Or do you think another set up is more inciting?

    Thanks for the review


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