Kingston SSD Review [SSDnow V300 120GB]


This is a video review of the Kingston SSD 120gb (SSDnow V300). The review was produced by Scott from Classic L337.

Kingston SSD 120gb (SSDnow V300:

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Kingston SSD 120gb ssdnow v300
Kingston SSD Review
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  1. When you were saying how quick it opens i'm on here like my laptop has always opened it that quick and it's only $100 lol.
    I used to always be so jealous of people with more space and I never knew that the reason I had little space was because I had an eMMC SSD.
    I'm in the process of building a PC and I used my parents PC which was more powerful but has an HDD, and loading everything takes AGES, so I refuse to use an HDD for my os. Once I get more money i'm going to buy a 500gb ssd for my games. I don't even care about the price, after using a pc with an hdd compared to the ssd. I just can't even stand to think about running things off of an HDD. But this is just my opinion.

  2. Nice video. I use these drives all the time. But I buy the used ones from ebay because the only ones I buy say on the case, "made in tiwan". Kingston switched their plant to china and the quality has gone way down. I just got a ssd now 240gb Kingston drive off ebay for $39. I don't use the clone software. I just got a used cyberpower extreme game pc with a 1tb hard drive. I put in the new used ssd and I find that mr. average joe does not know how to install windows and usually has a corrupted copy of windows.. I am a tech and I use dban and nuke all hard drives and install windows from scratch, "my way". When I upgrade my costomers pc's to a ssd, I only use Kingston.

  3. Hey, it's assembled in TAIWAN! What a relief; I'm sick of crappy Chinese crap that breaks down the moment you use it!

  4. i have a very big problem with the kingston ssd v300. just work for 8 months and then started to tilt my pc. i've already upgrade the firmware and it still has the same problem. im very dissapointed T_T

  5. This drive is great, especially for the price. Ive been using this SSD as my boot drive and game drive for almost a year, and i haven't had a single hiccup in performance. Load screens are almost nil, apps open almost instantly, write speed is fast, my whole system boots in about 5-7 seconds (actually timed this several times) using fast boot in BIOS, and newegg almost ALWAYS has this product on sale. I got this drive for about 80 bucks for the 240 gb version. 10/10 would buy.

  6. Do you guys think i should get this SSD ? because the first i saw it i loved it, and i thought it will be the best for me, because its 120 GB, im planning ot use this wher ei put my IOS on it, and the most games that i play all the time like BF4, now Battelfield 4 takes me ages to get into a server, becasue right now im using 1TB HDD, but as i said i would like ot get an SSD and put on it my main games + IOS, and let my other HDD for other things, you guys think that would be perfect, and do you suggest me to take it ? because i also have seen aother SSD called CRUCIAL M4 256GB , and i dont know with which oen to go, THANK YOU SO MUCH

  7. I've got a dell inspiron 1545. With a hard drive that is 2,5 inch. I want to replace it with this kingston ssd. Is that possible? Thanks!

  8. anybody had this for a long time and is it sitll going strong? i hear ssds are much better now but this model is a few years old right?

  9. Great video, thanks. also wanted to share this deal on it, let me know if this is a good price…Kingston Digital 120GB SSDNow V300 SATA 3 2.5  $69.99

  10. I just wondering one thing. I have just have bought a new PC with one of these hard drive in it. And it's only 120GB shouldn't it be full like instantly if you like install Steam on it and if you have many Games installed on Steam only those Games should easily get this hard drive full.

    Or does this Hard Drive do a thing like it's optimized to take less GB or something like that?? Please can someone tell me have it actually works.

  11. Will there be a problem for MacBook Pro (Santa Rosa 2007 model) to use the included adapter with the SSD in installation? Does it fit as it should?

  12. My old 2 gb memory computer runs faster than my brand new 8 gb computer after I replaced the old hard drive with one of these beauties.

  13. I installed it yersterday in my 3 year old laptop and it runs like a dream! EVERYTHING is faster, even opening another tap on internet explorer. I can check my email within 5 seconds from entering my windows pasword, where it usually took over half a minute! I'm never going back! Might pick up another drive for my dads pc soon, since I have the desktop part of the upgrade kit left…

  14. Nice! Going to an SSD is the best upgrade you can make right now and this Kingston drive is still running like the day I got it… actually its performing a little better because I've updated my PC's mother board and processor since I made this review. The Dual Upgrade Kit looks awesome, but I haven't used it. If you can, try to use the entire kit to take advantage of your old hard drive's storage capacity and run your OS and programs from the SSD. Thanks for watching!


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