Kingston UV400 SSD – Why You Should Upgrade


Installing a Kingston UV400 SSD is a simple upgrade for your desktop or laptop computer that will increase its performance without breaking the bank. Replace your mechanical hard drive to get faster startup times and quicker application open times. I’ll breakdown some of other benefits of this SSD such as durability and its cool looks, and how I mounted it inside my case. It’s a quick, easy and inexpensive way for you to help improve the performance of your friends and family members’ computer, by picking the parts and installing it for them. This video is sponsored by Kingston.

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  1. For those who have asked why you should upgrade using Kingston. I have been using Kingston products for about 10 years now and I will say you get a great level of reliability and solid speeds all around. the UV400 hits that lower price point that budget builders love and want.

  2. Is this video actually a joke, it's like something that would be released on April 1st. Talk about dumbing down to your audience. No mention about reinstalling the OS or backing up. 3 minute advert.

  3. Samsung Evo/Pro SSDs will always be better. I got one of these UV400 SSDs and they've got me some crap write speeds compared to my Samsung 850 EVOs. Whatadisappointment.

  4. A better drive for less money: Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 2.5-Inch SATA III
    Aaand a working link:

  5. LOL @ People crying about product placement… So what. Let the man make a living.

    I support you SKB, you make quality content, bruh. I clicked every ad on this page twice. 👍

  6. I thought the SSD was going to be special, because "upgrade" implies it's better than what most people have, and SSDs are very standard nowadays in computers.


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