Kung Fu Techniques : Pressure Points in Chinese Martial Arts


Chinese Martial Arts involves the use of several different pressure points on the human body. Learn about the pressure points in Chinese Martial Arts with help from a Kung Fu instructor in this free video clip.

Expert: Master Steve Pisa
Contact: www.wutangmountain.com/
Bio: Master Steve Pisa is the founder and owner of The Academy of Kung Fu, with schools in Los Angeles, California and Boulder County, Colorado.
Filmmaker: John Baldino

Series Description: Learning Kung Fu is something that will take a lot of time and patience, but will ultimately be rewarding. Learn about Kung Fu techniques with help from a Kung Fu instructor in this free video series.

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  3. This is awesome, too bad most of the time you're going the get repeatedly punched in the face while you're doing it.

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