Los Angeles Kings vs. New York Rangers – June 13, 2014 | Stanley Cup Classics


Check out highlights from the fifth and final game of the 2014 Stanley Cup Finals between the Los Angeles Kings and the New York Rangers.

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  1. Born & raised in LA. I've been fortunate enough to witness several of the LA teams win the championship. I honestly think this 2014 LA Kings run and team is the best I've seen so far. From coming back against the rival Sharks down 0-3, to beating the cross town rivals in 7 and saying goodbye to a hockey legend in Teemu Selanne, to beating the stacked defending champs Hawks in 7, to beating the Rangers in the SCF. I'll NEVER forget this 2014 LA Kings team! Thanks guys for giving it you're all that season.

    Too bad the Kings suck now 🙁

  2. What a playoff run. Coming back down 3-0 to those pesky Sharks. Gaborik saving our ass in Game 1 vs Anaheim. Being down 3-2 to those Disney Ducks. Thank god we didn't blow a 3-1 lead vs Chicago, that would've been memed upon. All of those series during that run were intense. But I'm so glad the Kings pulled it off, when everyone doubted them, just like in 2012. I want to thank Marian Gaborik for being a beast, Justin Williams for being clutch during the 2014 run and Alec Martinez for scoring those two insane OT series winners against the Blackhawks and the Rangers.

    Thank god the Los Angeles Kings for bringing home 2 Stanley Cups when everybody doubted them. The grit and tenacity that they showed was marvelous. I'm so glad I became a fan of the this Kings team.


  3. The amount of ppl here claiming that LA dominated the finals is unreal Rangers were clearly better in most of the games more chances hits shots etc. But because of bad luck and horrible officiating ended up winning just one game plus if they won a game five they would most likely win the series so please show some respect the Rangers deserve it

  4. I stayed up all night in my hotel room in Berlin, Germany to watch the game….with kidney stones and a 13 hour flight at 9:00am that morning. A very interesting day. GKG

  5. Probably my favorite Cup-winning goal of all of them I've seen. 🙂 2014 LA Kings had one of the most epic playoff runs ever, 3 7-game battles vs 3 of their top rivals in the conference( San Jose, Anaheim, Chicago ), then a Cup Final featuring the two big media capitals. Though it went only 5 games and the Kings were the better team they still had to win 3 games in OT all on home ice. Incredible stuff. Still feel bad for Henrik Lundqvist, the Rangers made a heck of a run themselves and were a sentimental favorite and played hard vs the Kings but it just wasn't enough.

  6. This was a heartbreaker for us rangers fans, we were so close so many times this series was closer than the 5 game indicator

  7. Chris Kreider ran into Carey Price that post-season. Good. I’m glad the Rangers lost the Stanley Cup. Hope he never gets a cup ring.

  8. I still get chills watching it. This and that year's Gm7 of the WCFs vs. Chicago are two of the most intense games I ever seen. What a great run to the Cup for those Kings.

  9. It’s all the NYR’s right defence fault on that play because he came off of his assignment in Martinez & got caught puck chasing when there were already other teammates covering the left side & puck carrier… thus leaving Martinez wide open to drive to the net and get that big ol rebound because nobody was covering him anymore. Very bad defensive play by that Rangers right D-man

  10. Five things:
    1) 6 years later and I can still hear Doc Emrick's reaction at 10:21: "SCORE!!! THE STANLEY CUP!!! MARTINEZ!!!" followed by nothing but silence from Doc and Edzo for a but. That's how it should be.
    2) Henrik Lundquist's reaction after Martinez's game winner tells the whole story. This was his and many of his teammates first appearance in The Finals. The way it ended in Game 5 in Double OT was heart breaking. They haven't been back to the Finals since this happened. At the same time, at least they didn't lose the series in New York. That would have stunk so bad.
    3) I was in Burbank at a Buffalo Wild Wings when this happened. The whole restaurant jumped up and screamed/celebrated when that goal was scored. People went bonkers.
    4) I drove past Staples Center earlier in the evening when Game 5 was just underway. LA cops had riot gear on in case there were riots should the Kings win Game 5. To my knowledge there were none Thank God.
    5) People thought the Kings were going to be a dynasty after they won this Cup. Well here we are 6 years after this game and they haven't been back to The Finals since then. They haven't even gotten past the first round of the playoffs or they didnt even make the playoffs the last 6 years. They're rebuilding and that's going to last for awhile.


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