Lukas Graham – Love Someone [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]


Love Someone by Lukas Graham, Official Music Video

Listen to “Love Someone” here:

‘3 (The Purple Album)’ is out now, listen here:

Connect with Lukas Graham:

Directed & Edited by: P.R. Brown
Producers: Steve Lamar & Christopher Salzgeber
Executive Producer: Sheira Rees-Davies / Scheme Engine
DP: Will Sampson

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  1. my dog is about to die,but when i listen to this song,i feel so sad:( if ur seeing this,i want to tell u that god bless you

  2. "Love is blind, beautiful, scary, ugly, perfect, flawed, painful, fufilling, depressing and yet it also bring so much joy."


  3. Wow!! Amazing and Beautiful lyrics and the music……describing about the love and the things when people falls in love with someone…..Lukas Graham has been inspiring me to compose own lyrics songs…i have just created my channel and have kept my original lyrics songs. I would love to have support and the feedback… so hit subscribe and check it out!!!!

  4. Listening to this song I picture how my three year old son saved me from depression…he gave me purpose and reason to live…I love this boy to bits…I look at him and tears come out of my eyes….getting pregnant with him was the best mistake I ever made….

  5. Emotional ☺️🥺Sorry for breaking your heart 💔I loved you so much 2 years ago now you meant everything to me i just had to leave you because i new it was the right thing to do Thank you @LukasGraham 🙏🏽💔😊

  6. It is beautiful, my favorite song. The letter is divine. Every time I listen to it, it reminds me of all the moments I spend and what happens with the people I love. Thank you.

  7. 💖💖 Francis Aglabtin brought me here. Please check out this brilliant young singer.


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