Mega Drive Longplay [145] Psycho Pinball


Played by MadMatty

A simple yet fun pinball game for the Genesis/Mega-Drive by Codemasters. Its not going to dethrone pinball games on the Amiga, but its nice to play on the sega console non the less.

I’ve tried to show all aspects of each table, although I spent too long on the trick or treat table looking for the mini game that doesnt exists lol.

The game was played in an emulator, but the varios sound clicks and gfx corruption is in the Original game running on a real console. Its far from bug free, and there is a game breaking bug on the Wild West table where if you triggor the mini game while another event is running, the game will reset back to the sega logo!

I let the Demo run at the end which also includes game credits.


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  1. Hrmm you went from the funhouse level to the underwater abyss level but then were stuck at the abyss level for awhile. Do all the machines interconnect?

    Edit: Also during 'gold rush' you can clearly hear them playing 'Yankee Doodle Dandy'

  2. Better than average pinball game.  Lots going on in this game than just simply hitting a ball up and down.

  3. Wie die Kugel gar nicht drehend animiert ist sondern nur ein bewegendes Bild ist. Ach ja Damals. Heute haben die Kugeln 50 detailreiche Muster und 20 Extras. das macht den Kopf doch matsche

  4. Loved this game.
    I remember buying this when I was at college all them years ago. Me and my mates used to take turns playing. Happy days.

  5. I can't stop playing this game I LOVE IT!!!! If you own a Sega Genesis This is a must have game!! Virtual Pin Ball is also good.But I think I like this better.

  6. I did play this on Fusion of course. On the table, Abyss (the water pinball within Psycho Pinball), i play the mini game known as Whale Belly. Thankfully i recorded this on you tube. There is another bug. If i completed 6th level for Whale Belly, the game actually also reset.

  7. For me the best pinball game ever, my highscore was between 200-300 million 'only' :-).
    Is it possible to play it under win7? I tried but after the launch it is very slow 🙁
    Thx 4 uploading, nice gameplay

  8. Yikes the sound effects & music arent even close to PC version quality, Still my favorite pinball game to this day lol.

  9. That's awesome! Just the Genesis/MD version or the Amiga one as well? If I'm honest, I'd say I prefer the Sega one only because it sounds more like classic pinball music due to the sound chip 🙂

  10. Nice work, but i wonder are my ears betraying me, or am i hearing parts of the "Dueling Banjos" scene from Deliverance in the goldrush music? 🙂


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