Microsoft Windows 10 Setup Race: NVMe vs SSD vs HDD


Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 1903 (Windows 10 May 2019 Update) will be installed on three types of storage devices. All hard disks are internal and represent three form factors.

Which storage device will provide faster install?

Storage devices used are:

– NVMe SSD PCIe 3.0 x4 (PCI Express based NVM Solid State Disk, form factor: M.2 module)
– SATA SSD 6Gb/s (SATA based Solid State Disk, form factor: 2,5-inch disk)
– SATA HDD 6Gb/s 7200 rpm ( SATA based “classic” Hard Drive Disk, form factor: 3,5-inch disk)
– SATA HDD 6Gb/s 5400 rpm ( SATA based “classic” Hard Drive Disk, form factor: 3,5-inch disk)

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  1. Even with the slow click, M.2 isn’t THAT much faster than regular 2.5 SSD. People are out here screaming that it’s the next big thing. And while it’s great, I’d rather get a 2.5 SSD with twice the memory at the same price of most M.2.

  2. Thank's for the comparison info. I realize that NVMe and Sata SSD almost at the same time consumsion in installing OS windows. Good job.

  3. for daily task like windows boot time, loading games, surfing web .etc the ssd sata3 is good enough.. but if you're moving big files for editing, the nvme ssd obviously will outperform sata ssd

  4. it would not surprise me that for nvme the better time much with more threads give the processor. The SSD with more threads should also improve a bit. since the decompression rate must be weighing down both nvme and SSD.

  5. This is a wrong test you should have done it with a real drive and captured it using a capture card and 32 gb ram and 8 core 16 thread processor with it all 4 tests should be done seperately again not using virtual machine

  6. Where was the ISO placed? NVMe or SSD or HDD (as source file read matters most), have installed the windows 10 in less than 3 mins 20 secs with silent (without user interaction) setup on bare metal via PCIx4 slot.

  7. Awesome! Would anyone know if I have to do something extra en the BIOS other than the boot order for a SSD NVMe I installed? I was able to clone my HDD to the SSD and change the boot to SSD with the cloned Windows but noticed no difference in speed compared to the HDD so I am not sure if I am missing something to make the SSD run Windows and other programs faster on my Lenovo S145 that may be in the BIOS?

  8. What is the through-put of each device used in testing? This is completely useless, it's not even reliable enough to form a simple theory.

  9. My Entry-level WD (Green SATA III) SSD on my i5 (4th gen) Laptop opens Photoshop in 11 seconds while Adobe Premiere Pro in 27 seconds which cost me around 2.8k for the SSD
    CPU – i5 4210 U @ 1.70 GHz
    RAM – 8GB
    GPU – 2GB Nvidia Geforce 820M
    Go for SATA III drives if you are a gamer or video editor, you can opt for NVMe only if you are going to transfer a lot of files to your PC otherwise it is just a waste of money.


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