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The object of Mine Shift is to be the first player to move all four of your jewels onto your opponent’s home tile. To start, shuffle and place all 27 game tiles face down in a stack. One player draws the top ten tiles from the deck and places them face down in the starting configuration as shown in the instructions. The second player flips over all the tiles without changing their positions. Then, each player places his or her four jewels in the four spaces of their home tile. Players take turns moving their jewels along the tiles. Each player makes three moves per turn in any combination of the following move types:

Jewel Step — movement of a jewel one space onto a vacant space on the same tile or on an adjacent tile. A jewel can move forward, backward, or sideways, but not diagonally. You cannot cross any rock walls.

Tile Turn — quarter turn of a tile with or without a jewel on it.

Tile Shift — movement of a tile to an adjacent vacant space.

A turn must consist of at least one Jewel Step. If you can’t make a Jewel Step on your turn, you automatically lose the game.

The game comes with 27 game board tiles and 10 jewels in a pouch. It is for two players.

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