On Game Bang we play a game that combines the love of My Little Pony and beating each other up! This is Thems Fightin Herds!

Wes Johnson @Wes_IRL
Joshua Ovenshire @TheJovenshire
Damien Haas @DamienHaas
Mari Takahashi @atomicmari
Ericka Bozeman @bigbossboze

Directed by: Matt Raub
Produced by Alex Hluch & Matt Raub
Smosh Games Creative Director: Matt Raub
Senior Producer: Alex Hluch
Producer: Garrett Palm
AP: Kristina Nikolic
Production Manager: Daniel Kesner
DP: Mitch Anderson
Cam Op: Nick Goto
Cam Op: Darren Kho
Sound: Greg Jones
Technical Director/DIT: Tim Baker
HMU: Rachel Jenkins
Post-Production Supervisor: Brett Noborikawa
Editor: Spencer Agnew

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  1. I’m wearing the same shirt that boze is atm. Because Charlie day wears it almost the entire first season of its always sunny in Philadelphia haha

  2. Idk if anyone got this yet, but I havent seen it in the comments just yet.

    The characters are based off of the mane 6. I dont quite know the names yet of the characters in this game so I will just use what they are.

    The deer had to be Rarity.
    The dragon was Rainbow Dash.
    The unicorn was Twilight Sparkle.
    The cow was Apple Jack.
    The llama was Pinkie Pie.
    The lamb was Fluttershy.

    The way they look, act, and the type of attacks they use is what I used to tell. Which means, the deer wasnt using ice. She was using gemstones. If she was using ice, it would've most likely melted, not shattered in the animations

  3. I just realised something, Velvet’s green skin is named 640 and it has those pink bands on the legs kinda like boots. It’s a reference to one of my favorite Pokémon Virizion.
    That’s so awesome!!

  4. I love how Damien said his character looks like decu ( izuku midoriya. My hero academia ) the book looks like all might lol 😂

  5. "It's a My Little Pony fighting game": It really isn't. It has original characters in an original universe with an original story. Nothing about it resembles ponies at all, other than them being animals. Would that make Rivals of Aether a My Little Pony fighting game too? There's no ponies.

    "Ponies": No. No quotations. There's LITERALLY a dragon. There's also a mythological unicorn, alpaca, sheep, deer, and a cow. None of those are ponies. Literally no ponies there. So why do people keep calling them ponies? That's like someone saying all pets are dogs or all pets are cats, because PETS. I've lost friendships over this. I'd tell people, with facts and quality reasoning, that these aren't ponies. They're nothing close to ponies. They are original characters. But they still want to argue! "But they made a pony game in the past." Yeah… and? "So it's a pony game!" This whole thing is like calling Resident Evil a Street Fighter game, because Capcom made Street Fighter in the past.

    Also, you said you'd be dressing up as ponies for the end. Literally you had a deer and a sheep. TOTALLY PONIES


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