NES Longplay [589] The Flintstones: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak!


Played by: Reinc

Fred and Barney are searching for their children, Pebbles and Bam-Bam, who got lost. When they finally find them, a volcanic eruption blocks their way and so they start going all the way around the volcano to save their kids.

This is the second Flinstones game on the NES. The game was never released in Japan unlike its predecessor The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy. At its core, It follows the same gameplay formula: Fred walks left-to-right, clubbing everything in his way, picking up power-ups and other items, then fights a boss at the end of a level; transition between levels is presented by walking through an overworld map, which sometimes allows visiting non-obligatory sport-themed bonus stages. However, Gazoo doesn’t help you in this game, instead you get two characters to play as. It is one of the rarest games to be released for the NES, and is possibly the second rarest commercially released licensed title for the console (behind Stadium Events).

In this game the player controls either Fred or Barney, switching between them by pressing the Select button. Fred can climb ledges, his attacks have a wider angle, they are more powerful than Barney’s; his attacks can be used to deflect some projectiles and can be charged, but his attacks have a short range, and Fred’s size and weight are sometimes a hindrance. Barney can climb ropes and vines, he has a weak ranged attack that cannot be charged, but his smaller size and weight allow him to get into some areas Fred can’t safely enter, or at all.

I play through all levels, find all secrets, and try to make use of all items.


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  1. The only thing missing in this game is cooperative 2-player mode like other Taito games such as Bubble Bobble, Cadash or Crime City.

  2. Ulan gözlerim doldu şuan 30 yaşımdayım. Ben bu oyunu çocukken deliler gibi oynardım hey gidi yıllar nasılda geçip gitmiş


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