NUMBER HUNT in Smart Wheel City – a Counting Game with Excite Dog


Smart Wheel City returns with Number Hunt Battle! Our VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels help us play a counting game. Blue Car Number 3 (a VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels remote control car) helps us find the numbers 1 through 10. Can you help him find each one? Will the numbers be hiding at the construction site? The garage? The Fire Station? Or the airport? Let’s see! This time, we’ve got two teams helping us learn numbers: Team Excite Dog and Team Dragony

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As usual, we’ve added our own sounds (We’re geeky that way). So please do not think the sounds in this video are the actual sounds of the Go! Go! Smart Wheels. The Smart Wheels toys do make cool sounds, but for videos we like to use the awesome sound effects from the sound engineers of See below for attribution.


The music, sound effects and green screens in this video are courtesy of the following artists who have kindly contributed their awesome talents to the Creative Commons. If we have misattributed or inadvertently infringed, please let us know so we can correct any mistakes. Special thanks to and Sound Bible! Your sounds are genius!

“Music: « Clear Day » from”

Magic colors.mp3 by milton.

This was a totally great tune – props to Milton

Fastbike or motorcycle by Mike Koenig

Large hydraulic door by nooly

This work is licensed under the Attribution License.

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